I'm slowly working on transferring all my blogs from my last platform to this new website. So they'll slowly be being added in a chronological order. If you have ideas or a request for a specific post, let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

-Islands Girl





A Long Awaited Update

It's been a LOOONG time since the last blog entry ... at least in time. I've been moving everything over from my old platform so it feels like I'm adding new blogs ALL THE TIME, especially if you haven't read some from the past and wanted to catch up.

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TCK Reflections

What does it feel like to be a TCK (third culture kid)? Have you ever tried and put yourself into Tarzan's shoes? Or maybe Mowgli's?

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Sunny Learning

I love the sun. I love how it brightens up the day, how it brings warmth (I REALLY like this part), how it makes water play fun, how it tans your skin, how it makes you sweat.....

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A Poor Roman Family Day

We just finished our Ancient Rome unit in our homeschooling. The kids didn't seem to be as into it as Ancient Greece (especially the olympics, ESPECIALLY the naked olympic games...), so I decided to finish with a bang.

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Girls Day!

Every Friday, Grandpa Yes picks up the boys for a "day away." Growing up without grandparent intraction, I love that my kids get to have a close relationship with at least one grandparent. Grandpa Yes has been a blessing to us in so many ways and has shown me many times what it looks like to be a supportive and loving parent. I'm so thankful for him!Side note - why is he Grandpa Yes?A few months ago, the kids and I needed to pick up something from his house. I asked the kids if they wanted to ask Grandpa to go on a picnic with us. The immediate enthusiastic answer was "YES!!"Then Gymnast said "I think Grandpa will say yes, because he always says yes."There ya go. Grandpa Yes.

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The Monotony of a SAHM

As a stay at home mom, I often feel like I do the exact same thing, over and Over and OVER. Again andย againย andย AGAIN. With no end in sight. The same day in and day out and no matter how much I "catch up" I'm always behind.

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