"I have to go POOP!"

Ok - so I know I haven't posted in about a week. I had a post all ready Thursday morning last week, but after reading it, and having my husband read it, we decided it was just too controversial to post. Ah, but aren't blogs supposed to be controversial? Well, maybe, but there is more to this blog than me just writing about what I am thinking. In everything I do, I want to reflect God's glory, and that includes what I write in this blog. This blog is a part of my testimony, and therefore, I want to keep it pure and clean which in turn keeps my testimony pure and clean.
So, in the end, what I was writing about what completely God centered, and I had to delve into a bit of ungodliness to explain my reasoning behind what I was posting, and because of needing to explain a bit of that ungodliness, we decided this blog was not the place to post it. That conversation is much better held at a personal level. So, I was kind of bummed out because I was so excited to get that post up, but I am so thankful I listened to my husband's advice becuase it truly was from the Lord. There's a reason that the Bible tells women to submit to their husbands! It's not always easy, but it pays off in the end! So, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to write about. I feel like I have kind of summed up my life pretty well, and there's not a lot of stories I can tell that I have pictures of. So, I wasn't really sure what to do.
So, whatever. Here goes my writing..
By the way, since I am not going to put pictures of my nanny kids online, I just added pictures of myself growing up...

 My mom made me dresses all the time, and I believe this was one of them. Not sure how I old I was at the time, but I bet I was similar to the ages of my nanny kids
I was nannying yesterday. It was a long day - to say the least. I love my nanny kids so much, and they are the cutest little things on the face of this earth, and it completely melts my heart when one of them hugs me, or kisses me or smiles at me. If I only got one of those hugs, smiles, or kisses once the whole time I was nannying, it would be worth it. I love being a part of those kid's lives. So, yesterday, I got up at 5:30, read my Bible reading in 1 Samuel, and jumped in my car. There was another terrible snow downpour and I thought the roads would be horrific. So, I left right around 6:30, an hour before I needed to be at work. Contrary to my belief, the roads were perfect, and I arrived about 40 minutes early. Great - I had nothing to do but sit in my cold car and wait for 40 minutes. Eventually, I went into the house about 10 minutes early because I just couldn't stand being in the car anymore. As I opened the door, the two year old girl yelled, "Hi Jajanna!" like she always does, and the 3 year old boy ran out to proudly show me his new Spiderman toy. Apparently, he had been up all night thinking about it, walking past it, and NOT sleeping. The one year old stood up in her bed and smiled her huge two toothed grin and started babbling at me. Oh, how I love those kids. :)
Eventually, nanny mom had to go to work, and we were left to ourselves, going out about daily activities.
It was a great morning even though we were stuck inside due to the snow storm. We played with the new Spiderman toy, we made Lego houses, and we played with dinosaurs. We were trying to fit the dinosaurs into football helmets. I love working with kids and their imaginations! Meanwhile, the one year old was crawling into her car seat, but she hasn't quite figured out how to right herself when she falls face first into it. So, every 15 minutes, I looked over to see her head stuck in the car seat with her little chubby legs sticking up in the air and waving all over the place. She never cried though - she was determined to figure it out herself.
So, we played all morning, and finally lunch came. We had a yummy lunch of hotdogs, toast, grapes, green beans, and the best part, gummy worms! These kids adore gummy worms, but ONLY the red ones. Yesterday, I gave the three year old an orange one, and after eating it, he told me, "It's just not good. I only want the red ones." Funny - I never knew gummy worms had different flavors...
Then, after scraping off all the food plastered on everyone's bibs, faces and hands, it was off to go potty, change, and read a story! Finally, the kids were in bed with their lullabys playing, and I was so excited to have my lunch and relax just a little. About 10 minutes later, the three year old yells, "I have to go POOP!" I wish I could record how he says that phrase, because just hearing it always makes me want to laugh. He kind of emphasizes the word "poop" and changes his voice, so he sounds like he's trying to be a big buff football player. It's pretty funny. Anyways, he usually says it about five times before I can actually get to his bed, lift him out and rush him to the bathroom. I yanked down his pants and sat him on the toilet. I have nightmare stories of when I didn't get him to the bathroom in time and the POOP went everywhere...
I have a new respect for this picture... It takes SO MUCH work to get kids looking great. My mom must be a fairy godmother to be able to make me look this clean and put together!

Well, there was no POOP that exited that little boy's body, except the miniscule amount on his underwear, which of course he could no longer wear. So we had to find a new pair of spiderman underwear. Then, he got dressed again, and hopped back into bed. Ok, finally I could relax. I was SO hungry! I was just cooking up my zucchini and mushrooms when I heard again "I have to go POOP! I have to go POOP!" My heart kind of did this plummet to the ground thing and I raced back into the room, pulled him out of bed, and rushed him to the toilet. This time, he had a nice big hunk of POOP in his diaper. "Yaaay!" I thought, he finally pooped out his POOP and he's all done now. So, I sat him on the toilet, turned off my burning lunch, and cleaned him up. By this time, I had decided to put him in pullups - we were going through WAY too many spiderman underwear, and poor Mom was going to have WAY more underwear with POOP stains than she ever wanted to see again. So, all clean, he climbed back into his bed, and lied down. I said goodnight to both kids again (the third was fast asleep, thank goodness!) and left the room, thankful that this ordeal was over. So, I heated my stir fry up, grabbed my vegetable juice, and sat down to eat and watch an episode of Magum P.I. About 15 minutes in, out of the room I hear, "CAN YOU CHANGE MY PULLUP?!" Everything in me wanted to ignore, ignore, IGNORE!! But, that would not have been the right thing to do - so I got up, walked into the room, and we went to the bathroom yet again. This time, when I took off his pajama pants, there was poop smeared down his leg, smooshed into the fibers of his pants, and all over his hands and IN his fingernails. Talk about gross beyond gross... He had been picking at his disgusting runny poop and it was all over the place. I raced into his room to check his bed, but somehow he had managed to keep his poop art piece confined to his body.
By now, I was so annoyed, and so frustrated, and all I wanted to do was clean him up, change his pants, throw him in bed and vow to myself I would ignore him the rest of the afternoon. Ok, that's when I know I need God's patience and grace....
So, its not quite poop all over my body, but I was playing in the dirt, and maybe it was a pain to clean me up afterwards...

So, I took a deep breath, nearly choked on the poop stench, and asked him if he was feeling ok since he had gone POOP so much that day. He said he felt fine, but that he needed new pants and a new pull up. So, after about 10 minutes of scrubbing off the dried up poop on his legs, he was finally clean. We were onto pants number three, pull up number 2 with two pairs of underwear already dirtied. Then, I had him wash his hands and I scrubbed them with soap, doing my best to get every bit of poop off I could, and sent him off to bed hoping he MIGHT go to sleep this time. Meanwhile, I went back to the bathroom, scrubbed out his pajama pants, cleaned up the stained sink, and finally got to washing my own hands. That water couldn't be hot enough! I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. Finally, I felt satisfied that I had gotten everything off, and went back to sit down, finish my movie and now cold lunch. As I was shoveling food into my mouth, all I could smell was POOP! I scoured my hands and fingernails for the slightest bit of brown I had missed, but didn't see any. So, I poured hand lotion all over, trying to mask the smell. No use - my hands were going to smell like poop the rest of my life! By this time, I no longer wanted my cold, green, mushy lunch. Meanwhile, the kids were in their beds, jumping, screaming, and laughing at each other, and it was only 1:30 - WAY too early to get them up from nap. But, I figured they weren't going to go to sleep, and I might as well get them up, run off their energy and maybe they would crash for their parents that night.

So, a few minutes later, everyone was up out of bed and getting dressed. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful - just what I needed, except for the bit about my hands smelling like poop. :) By the end of the day, I had the biggest migraine because I had been smelling poop all day. Coming home, I jumped in the shower, turned on ONLY the hot water, and sat there, hands above my head, soaking in the scalding hot water, praying the smell would go away. I just ended up taking a couple advil and going to bed early, but I am happy to say, NO poop smell today! Hurray!
Ok - so back to the nanny kids. Granted, yesterday was a tough day, and I think anyone would agree with me. But, now, I look back on it, and its kind of funny recounting it. Also, did that poop episode make me love those kids any less? No! I still adore them and am so excited to see them on Friday. I would take fifty more days like yesterday if that is what I had to do to spend time with those beautiful kids. I bet my mom has horror stories about me that could top the ones I have about my nanny kids. It's the nature of kids, but I know my Mom never said "Beat it" to me; I know the nanny kid's mom will never say "I don't love you" to them, and I know I'll never say, "I'm sick of you," to those kids, or my kids if God chooses to bless us with them one day. So, even though I don't have kids of my own, I feel like God has given me a beautiful gift in the kids I nanny and the family I nanny for. I have learned so much by working for them and with them, and I wouldn't trade that time for anything - including all the POOP days, snot days, screaming days, and whining days. It's ALL worth it to see those smiles, to get those hugs and kisses, and to be able to share my love of Jesus with them.
So, there you have it, a day in the life of a PNG nanny dealing with POOP!
Lukim yu...
Avi Mu