Burping Toddler, Growling Baby

So, I discovered today that my little nanny boy who is three years old can fake burp. How did I figure this out? Well, we were outside playing in the beautiful and sunny 98 degree weather today and I kept giving them water to keep them hydrated. As I was packing everyone up to go, my three year old burped. I looked at him, smiled and asked, "What do men say after they burp?" I always use the word, "men" because this particular young boy loves the idea of being a man, and relates everything to being one, so, of course, I asked him what men do after they burp. He giggled, and then said, "Excuse me!" Then, he sucked in his breath and started to burp again, laughing every time. I just kept saying, "What do men say when they burp?" and he kept saying, "Excuse me!"
Ok - first off, he's three years old! They are NOT supposed to be able to fake burp. Second, he's three years old, he shouldn't be fake burping!
Oh, and the baby, who just turned one, growls like a lion. I wish I could record it so you could hear, but she literally growls. It's funny that part of her name means "lion." She definitely lives up to it. :) Today, when we were walking home from the park (I was holding her since I took her out of the stroller) I gave her a big red ball to hold while I was looking for my keys. And she looked at me, smiled her huge two and two quarter toothed smile and growled at the ball, twice. What a great day to be back at work!