Fine Arts Friday

So, I know its not Friday, but I couldn't get this post to publish correctly yesterday, so I had to wait until today! So.. just pretend its Friday :)

Creativity has always been a part of who I am. It's taken different routes throughout my life, but its always been there.
As soon as I could talk, I was making up and singing songs. Once I discovered how to color, I was coming us with pictures and designs all the time. My pictures soon covered all our spare walls.
As I grew a little older, I got more into painting and drawing. At first, I was really into watercolors, and then got into pastels and drawing a bit, but that stage passed pretty fast. Then I got into acrylics and a bit of oils. During my changing art medium stage, I also started to get into acting. Actually, I've always loved acting and have been really good at mimicking others- their accents and their characteristics. In fact, when my brother was little, he would ask me to be whatever he could come up with and I would make something up. His favorite was the mad scientist. I also got into writing and directing plays, including puppet shows. Later on, my creativity turned a bit towards food and baking. I would come up with restaurants and menus for my parents to go to for special date nights, get some friends to be the servers and I would cook whatever they ordered.
Basically, my point is that creativity has always been a huge part of my life. So, on FridaysI want to share different creative things I have done in the past. Therefore, I have decided to call it Fine Arts Friday!

In 12th grade, I was given an assignment. I don't even remember what I was required to do, but it was for my Religious Studies class, and I decided that I was going to write the story of Ruth using my own creative license, commentaries, and the Bible. So, over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a chapter at a time of my story of Ruth. I hope you enjoy! :)

Struggles of Joy
Historical Fiction based on the Biblical book of Ruth

This historical account is taken from the Biblical book of Ruth. I have attempted to provide a historically accurate idea of how her story may have taken place. This is not the way that she truly lived her life; it is just an idea by one author. Please do not take any of this as truth except what comes right out of the pages of the Bible. Ruth was written in third person. Her feelings are never mentioned. I have written this story in Ruth's perspective. I have taken some liberties on names and events, but I have based it on the book and have kept the biblical parts as they are in the Bible. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it.

Chapter 1
  Ruth sat beside her beloved husband's bed as he tossed and turned in his fevered state. Knowing she could do nothing to help his suffering, she was heartbroken. Every now and then, she blotted the sweat that formed on his brow with a cool, damp rag. Her mind drifted back to the ten years they had spent together. So much had happened in such a short time. Ruth had grown to love the quiet, hardworking man who was lying before her. She never thought she would need to live without his simple touch or enchanting smile, but now they were gone. 
  One morning when he woke up, he was his normal and happy self, but the next day he had lost all his strength and could only lie in bed. Ruth had instantly feared the worst. As a child, she had always dreamed of having many children and growing old with her husband. Her dream had seemed to come true, but then they lost that baby, and now ... this...? 
        Oh God of Isreal, hear my cry!
  She hadn't used to call out to that God, but she was convinced that He was the true, one and only God that her family refused to know. Naomi, her kind mother-in-law, had always told her about the God of Jacob and Isaac. Her God loved His people enough to bring them out of slavery and provide for them in the dessert. She believed all that Naomi had told her, but more than that, she believed her actions. Ruth had never witnessed a person like her mother-in-law and she wanted to be like her. If that meant getting to know Naomi's God, Ruth was determined to do so. Ever since she made that decision, Ruth had been studying and was learning as much as she could.
  Now as she sat and looked at her husband, she wondered if there really was a God and if there was, why wasn't He helping His servant's son. Mahlon was Naomi's son before becoming her her husband. Naomi had two sons, Mahlon and Kilion. One was dead and the other was dying. Ruth brushed a runaway tear as she thought about Orpah, her sweet sister-in-law. Both had gotten married a few months after Elimalech brought his family to Moab. Naomi lost her husband, Elimalech, shortly after they arrived, and soon after Kilion was taken as well. If there was a God, where was He? Naomi was about to lose her second son, leaving her a widow and sonless once again.
        Does this God have no compassion, no love? Does He stand idly by while His faithful servants suffer?
   Ruth scolded herself for even thinking those thoughts after they entered her mind. She loved Naomi too much and would not doubt her God. If Naomi believed in Him, so would she. Ruth wanted others to see in her what she saw in Naomi
  Ruth tried to put herself into Naomi's sandals. How would she be acting if her husband died, then her oldest and now possibly other son? She'd have no more family. It was then that Ruth made an oath with herself.
     If Mahlon dies, I will live with Naomi. I will be her servant and grow old with her. She will be my mother and I her daughter.
   Ruth felt somewhat better after she made her decision. She felt like she had something to do if God did decide to take her dearly loved Mahlon away. Ruth was suffering because he was in misery. Falling to her knees, Ruth let her pent up tears pour out and she cried out to the God of Israel that Naomi put so much faith in. She begged Him to heal her husband, bring him back to her, to comfort Orpah, and to bring joy back into Naomi's old face.