Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... SuperMom!

Moms are super special, therefore they get a whole day set apart on our calendars every year just for them. That's pretty cool, wouldn't you say? There's no Sisters Day or Brothers Day or Pets Day or Toys Day. Why? Because there's something super special about moms! And my mom is no exception, in fact my mom is a SuperMom! I won't try to argue that because everyone's mom is the supermom of their world. But, that won't chance the fact that my mom is the SuperMom of my world. :)
In the first place, my mom raised me - the only girl in three boys. That's got to count for something! She used to make me gorgeous dresses because she loved to sew and she loved to dress me up in these little dresses. I love looking at pictures of outfits that my Mom made. I can just see her loving hand making each of them, and I can see her smiling as she looked at me wearing her creation. It makes me smile thinking about it.

 One of the dresses that my Mom made for me - I think I was in fourth grade in this picture.
My mom also did SO many things that she probably didn't enjoy - well maybe she did because she's my SuperMom, but I feel like I wouldn't enjoy it. She changed ALL my stinky diapers (Dad probably did that quite a bit too...), and fed me food that I probably spit all over her, and held me while I was sick and throwing up, and washed my clothes..
In Yemli Village, we didn't have a clothes washer. Well - we did, my Mom. We had two large sinks. What my Mom would do was EVERY DAY, she would take all the clothes we used the day before and soak them in soap water. There was usually about seven or eight different buckets filled with soapy water because she separated the different colors. To fill each bucket up with water (since most of the buckets were to heavy to carry once filled with water) she would take a little bucket and make trips from the sink to the laundry room and fill up each bucket. Then, that laundry would soak overnight. The next day, she'd come back down to the laundry room, drag out all the buckets of HEAVY soaking laundry and dump them in the sink. Then, she'd scrub every single piece of laundry with this red scrub brush. Then, she rinsed out each piece, squeezed it out, and then hung it up to dry.We're talking DIRTY village mud splattered stinky clothes that are HARD to wash out! And my mom did it WITHOUT complaining. I don't remember ONE TIME when she complained about her having to do the laundry. After taking care of the soaking laundry, she would fill up all the buckets with water again and soak that day's laundry, all ready to start the process over again. I did that process a couple times when my Mom was sick or maybe some Mother's Day, and it was HARD WORK! It really wasn't' something I enjoyed doing AT ALL! But my Mom did it every day for YEARS! Wow - talk about SuperMom!
This was our porch in the village. Mom would drag all our laundry down these steps and under the house to do laundry every day.

 Another thing that my amazing Mom did was always wash dishes EVERY night! Not only that, but she made dinner EVERY night. She made dinner from scratch using fresh vegetables and fruit and flour, salt, baking powder, etc. She made our bread - MULTIPLE loaves of bread for four hungry men and two hungry women. Then, she would wash ALL our dishes BY HAND usually in COLD water since we didn't have hot water in the village.That would be six plates, six forks, six cups, probably two or three serving bowls or one big massive soup pot or a couple casserole dishes, two or three serving spoons or forks, and whatever she used to make the food - bowls, spoons, etc. That's A LOT of dishes! THAT'S my SuperMom! :)
When I was in high school and we were spending more time on the missions base - Ukarumpa - I threw a lot of parties. I loved throwing parties and having all my good girl friends over. I did gingerbread making parties, dress up parties, tea parties, salsa parties, you name it! I would always get all the food ready, set everything out and get the house ready. Often, by the end of the night, I was exhausted, but our rule always was to clean the kitchen after you make it a mess by THAT NIGHT! So I always knew that I had to clean the mess of the kitchen I made. Also, when I cook things, I don't really use just one or two things, I use the WHOLE kitchen and make a HUGE mess. It just helps me cook better. :) Anyways, I remember so many times where my Mom told me I could just go do whatever I wanted because she would clean the dishes. Wow! Talk about self sacrificial love! She had had nothing to do with my party, but she would wash my dishes for me - ALL of them! Often, I would have ten or eleven people over to my parties, that's almost double what a normal night would be for her. I am still so thankful for those nights that she offered to do that. :)
Besides the word my Mom did, she also was always there for me when I was sick. I remember one time, in third grade when I was really sick with malaria (sickness you catch from mosquitoes) I was actually halucinating all kinds of things. I thought that my parents were telling me things they never told me, I thought people were visiting me that never did, I thought things were by me that never were, but in the midst of all that, I remember my Mom coming in so often (I don't really remember the time of day, but I think it was probably night) and asking me if she could get me anything to drink, to eat, to listen to, and she would just always be ready to help me if I needed anything. I know that's what Mom's do, but I remember it so clearly that MY MOM was there for me when I felt so sick and gross, she was there!

I walked every day to and from school wearing my back pack. I looked for pictures of me with my HUGE backpack showing, but I couldn't find any. At least this one, I'm wearing it! Believe me, it was HEAVY! Imagine carrying ALL your books for EVERY class in your backpack, along with all your supplies for that day - that's what I did! :)
Another time, when I was in 12th grade, I was walking to school (in Ukarumpa, the missionary base) with my HEAVY backpack on. I was probably about five minutes away from home when all of a sudden, I felt this HUGE pain in my back. It took my breath away and knocked me to the ground. I remember just sitting there, crying because I thought I was dying since I couldn't breath and I had fallen down. Thankfully, a couple friends of mine had just left their house to go to school and they were able to come help me to their house, where their mom called my Mom and she rushed over. I STILL thought I was dying! I couldn't even move my eyes without terrible pain shooting through my back. I remember my Mom running inside the house and straight over to me and kneeling down in front of me as I was just crying and blubbering away. I don't really remember what she said, except that I wasn't dying because I was breathing or else I would be dead already. And she was just so calm and knew exactly what to say to help me get up and get into the car. I don't even remember it hurting the whole way to our little mission hospital, but I am sure it did. All I remember is my Mom being there, and that everything was going to be ok. That's my SuperMom.
There are SO many more stories about how my Mom went WAY out of her way to love and care for me, and I have never thanked her enough for what she's done. I remember one time when I just felt overwhelmed about how much she did and not thanking her enough, and so I told her, "Thank you for all you do!" And she said something like, "You're welcome, but it's my job, and I will always do it because I'm your Mom - that's what I do."

My mom also made my prom dress, graduation dress, and graduation dinner dress (all formal dress wearing occasions on the missions base) after I designed them. Here I am in my prom dress. She is so talented!

So - once again, I just want to thank my Mom for everything that she's done for me from when I was born up until this very day. I love you so much and although I cannot celebrate with you right now, I am celebrating you on this special day and every day.