Morel Madness...

I know I know.. it's been SUPER long!
So, first off, my computer wasn't working and I was SO mad at it, and just super frustrated because it wouldn't let me do anything I wanted to do
And then I had two awesome friends call me up and they wanted to get together, so of course, I DID!
And then, I was way behind on house work, plus I was sick all last week, so house work was totally backed up...
And then we went camping for four days...
So... I've been busy! But, I'm back! So, there will be a multitude of entries while I get caught up. See, here's how I do it. I prep what I want to say before so all I have to do is hit publish when the day I want to publish my entry is. That way, I can publish from my phone, computer, or whatever. However when major issues come up like I can't publish anything I got ready.. what I wrote doesn't get published. Annoying huh?
So since I have like.. five posts ready to post, I will be posting quite a bit.
BUT first! I want to tell you about our camping trip!
IT WAS AMAZING! We kind of did this as an anniversary get away, since our one year wedding anniversary in on June 3rd, but we are super busy next weekend so we decided to do something early.
My husband driving on the way to our campsite, singing and dancing to one of his favorite songs
So, we left on Friday afternoon and drove about 2 hours to our campsite. We didn't have on reserved, but we figured if we got there early enough, we might just find a spot - and sure enough, we did! It was gorgeous! We were right next to a river, and there were blooming flowers everywhere! and the birds were amazing!
 These are bluebells. They were EVERYWHERE! If you have ever read the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and gotten to the part about the field of daisy's that Dorothy, Toto and the Cowardly Lion fall asleep in.. that was exactly what these bluebells looked like.

Then we went on a walk and explored our campgrounds. Everything was green and leafy and beautiful! We walked past this tree that I absolutely HAD to climb. I kind of have this.. I LOVE TREES AND I HAVE TO CLIMB THEM syndrome. I think that's definitely born from growing up in the rainforest...

Once we got back to our campsite, we set everthing up, and then made a fire and proceeded to make dinner. Our first night we had baked beans, coke, veggies and meat! Great camping meal!

So, after our dinner, we just sat around our campfire, played Mancala and eventually went to bed. It's great, because when you're camping you go to bed early and wake up early and you always feel refreshed and ready to face another day! So on Saturday we drove over to a larger campsite to do some hunting for Morel mushrooms and hiking. We went on about a hour hike to get up to this point called "Inspiration Point." Let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS!

Ok -so did you hear the part about Morel Mushrooms? Well, that was a MAJOR part of our day on Satudray, and my husband refused to go home until he found some Morels. You see, my husband is fanatically in love with morels. And he knows all the places they hide and exactly what to look for. Well, we looked and looked and looked... no morels. I was getting super annoyed and just wanted to keep walking instead of hunting for stupid mushrooms that I knew weren't there (well, i assumed at least...)

So, finally, myself and my very disappointed husband decided to take a lunch break and resume our hunt after we got some much needed energy. After our lunch, we decided to hike up this little grassy hill to look for Morels... well, we hit the JACKPOT! There were morel mushrooms EVERYWHERE! That was when I started having fun because there was actually treasure to be found! and we were finding them!
If you don't know what morel mushroom looks like, basically it looks like a brain on top of a mushroom stem. Super simple, oh and they are kind of greyish brown in color. See the picture? That, ladies and gentleman, is the BIGGEST morel we found, and I FOUND IT! WOOHOO! 

And of course, we had to take a picture of me holding the biggest morel mushroom I had found right before we started frying them in good old butter.

By the way, we found about 30 mushroom in all. My husband was SUPER happy!

Ok.. so get ready for my first HOW TO!

How to cook wild morel mushrooms that you found yourself!
1. Cut each morel in half and then soak in a pan of water. You might need to pick out any pieces of dirt that are lodged in the brain holes of the mushroom. The worst thing in the world is eating a morel and crunching down on a piece of dirt...

2. You need to get everything else ready: your butter,

your fire and your fry pan. Take out all the mushrooms from the soaking pan and carefully knock the water out. Morels are VERY fragile and will break easily! Then lay them all on a paper towel. Melt your butter and get ready...

 3. Start adding your morel mushroom halves. You will want to cook them for a few minutes on one side, then flip them. You are looking for a browned and crispy look!

4. Make sure to cook them long enough in that delicious butter... and to turn them over enough times to fry them on all sides! You might need to add some extra butter in the middle of your frying just to keep things moist and tasting great!


 5. Then, flip your morels onto your plate and go ahead and enjoy them! Savor their taste!

6. Then be sure to let everyone know how great they taste!

Great job! now you know how to make wild morels on a campfire!

Ok.. back to our camping trip... after we finished our morels, a friend came to join us. This friend is an amazing fisherman - so he caught us some fresh wild river trout! Here is the before we tossed it on the fire..

and after...

And let me tell you.. it was DELICIOUS!!
After I ate my trout up, I disected its head. I pulled out its eyeball, and actually, they have this little white ball, that my dear ophthalmic medical tecnician husband told me was not the pupil, but the lens. And then I found its whole eye! SO COOL! and then I tried finding its brain, but I'm pretty sure it had melted. All I found was this big greeny blue mess in its head. I really wanted to take pictures, but my fingers were full of delicious fish guts and slime. YUM!

So overall.. was it a good weekend?

OH YEAH BABY! I love camping and I love my husband! Put the two together and you get perfectness! :)

In closing... as I was up north and doing my Bible reading, I was in the Psalms and came across this set of verses in Psalms 19:

The heavens proclaim the glory of God.
The skies display his craftsmanship.
Day after day they continue to speak;
night after night they make him known.
They speak without a sound or word;
their voice is never heard,
yet thier message has gone throughout the earth
and their words to all the world.

I think that says it all...