TERRIBLE Tok Pisin Tuesday... :(

So.... I am totally aware that today is Tok Pisin Tuesday, but I am also totally aware of how my computer is NOT doing what I am asking it to, and I am about ready to jump on it. A couple reasons I won't do this:
1) It's really not my computer, it belongs to my dear husband
2) Jumping on my computer is not going to solve anything, and since we only have one computer, in the long run, I would be much sadder since I wouldn't be able to post blogs anymore since we have no computer
3)As annoying as my computer is, I can just not post the video I wanted to.. that's ok.

So, with that said, i don't really have all that much to say because what I had planned isn't working! GAAA! So, something that is SUPER cool about living where I am now.. There's spring! Right now, spring is FINALLY happening! In Papua New Guinea, there is no such thing as spring, things are always green (maybe if there's a drought not as green, but still a browner shade of green) and flower are always blooming, and things are always green. Here in the States, at least where we live, there wasn't green for WAY too long through out the WHOLE LOOOONG winter. I was SO sick of it. But now.... WOOT WOOT! The winter is gone! It's still a bit chilly outside, but not as bad as it was before, and everything is TURNING green! from BROWN to GREEN! :) Green is my favorite color, and everything smells beautiful and looks beautiful and i am SO happy! :)
To help you realize how wonderful this is.. I have pictures! Yaay!

Here is winter...

Ok.. never mind on the pictures, those aren't working either. What a terrible day for me and technology. I have to figure out what's going on...

Well.. until then, no pictures, no videos, only text. That's ok, but I am still really annoyed. Whatever.

Mi les olgeta long dispela computa bilong mi! Mi laik sindaun na stori wantaim yu na mi les long dispela nogut computa! Yumi sindaun insait lo wanpela haus na stori clostu long fia.
Urg! Ok.. I will quit being angry at something that I can't change by being angry.. I just have to figure it out! :) Pretty stupid Tok Pisin Tuesday.... but maybe next week..
I won't make any promises...