The Lion's Den

Everyone has a lion's den - something that they get stuck in that isn't necessarily their fault, but they get put there for a time. Maybe for some, they never get out, maybe others are eaten by the lions, and still others might escape it. I am a survivor and escape artist when it comes to lions dens. Well.. not really... God is the escape artist mastermind. He allows me to go through tough trials and times (my lions dens) to make sure that I know that He is God and that I need HIM to survive. I can do NOTHING without Him!

Anyways, I was looking through my old poems, and came across this one. I was reminded about the "lions den" I was going through at the time, and how the Lord brought me through it. So - I know its two posts in one day, but I guess my blog block went away for now...

And though I feel that You are here
There's something else that I really fear
A life without You, a life by myself
A life without Your Word sitting dusty on a shelf
But then I fill my mind with Your treasures from above
Not rubies or diamonds, but with Your precious love
And I feel that You are with me again
And with Your help, I've escaped the lion's den

I turn around, timid and shy
For I have forgotten that I'm the apple of Your eye
They scorn me and hurt me, they turn me away with hate
They laugh and point as I walk blindly to my fate
I trip and I stumble, I slip and I fall
And no one but You hears my distressing call
Then I see Your face and I forget all the men
I turn my eyes to You, I'm out of the lion's den

I finally run to You with all my despair
And You love me and hold me and treat me with care
I am lost, I'm afraid, I'm alone and forlorn
And inside my heart is old and torn
But You take me back, ignoring my past
And You say to me, "My darling, you are Mine at last."
You love me and love me and love me again
And with that love, I get past the lion's den.

Like I said before, I wrote this at one point in my life where I was going through my own lions den of sorts, but I hadn't gotten out of it when I wrote it. I was stuck right in the middle or a pack of lions who always seemed to be inching closer and closer with their drooling mouths ready to gobble me up. I wrote this as a desperate cry for help and as a way for me to try to believe the promises I knew the Lord had given me, but somehow I always had trouble believing. Looking back now, I see how He was helping me get out, and past it, but it took quite a while, but through that time, I know I learned so much and I know that through all the other lions dens He allows me to go through, He will always be with me until the end.

Ok - those are my thoughts for today....

Gut nait! :)

Can you guess what that means? Good night in Tok Pisin!  :)