To have a good blog...

Well - I guess it's time I take a step back and see if my blog has been successful.
Supposedly, right now, 660 people have visited my blog. That is pretty awesome! :) I remember when it said 1, so I think that that big number means that I have been succesful, even if half those people only visited my blog once and never again. Whatever.
I did a google search about what makes a blog good but it looked way too boring to actually read through the large lists that millions of people compiled, but based on a few here and there that I skimmed, there are a few things that make your blog stick out. 
1. Add videos
2. Give How To's - do this in a video for even better points
3. Give away stuff

Ok - well, according to that list, my blog is TERRIBLE! I haven't done any of that! So, I am going to be working on adding those three things to my blog. Stay tuned! :)

If you're waiting for me to get on top of my blogging and I'm just not doing it for you, go visit my friend's blog "No, I'm not Kim Possible." She has a fantastic blog and is super hilarious and fun to read. She has videos and how to's, and give aways. By "give aways" I mean that she has given away lots of her recipes and time to her blog, and its fantastic! So, go check her out! I know she'd love to meet you! :) Oh, by the way, if you watch her video where she's talking you get to hear a real life southern mama with a gorgeous accent! SO totally worth it just for that! :)

By the way, talking about someone else's blog you read is one of the things that your supposed to do if you have a good blog. Yaay! I am now on my way to a good blog! :)