Tok Pisin Tuesday

So, in my desire to keep you interested, I am going to start doing Tok Pisin Tuesday.
My Dad-in-law was telling me that he really enjoyed the birth order names section and told me that he is a Bop, his daughter is a Mu , and followed that with a few other friends' birth order names he had figured out. When I was listening to him, I couldn't help but giggle because he was saying Bop like its spelled, like "bop you on the head." But, you actually say Bop with a long "o" like in "bone." I corrected him, but began to realize that half the fun of a language is knowing how to say the words you have read and hearing it spoken. And even though I know how to say all the words I write, most of my readers do not, and I can't expect any of them to say the words correctly. So, the idea of Tok Pisin Tuesday was born.
On Tuesday, I will have a lesson on how to actually say certain words in Tok Pisin or Male. That way, you can begin to speak like a Papua New Guinean too!
I don't plan on just doing language lessons those days, but in general dedicate those days to Papua New Guinean things. I want to keep Papua New Guinea in my posts because it is such a huge part of who I am and want to continue sharing that with you, but there are also other things I want to share as well that are about me, but not necessarily about Papua New Guinea. So, this is how I've solved it, and this way, you can expect more posts a week!
So, this week, I already told you how to say Bop right, and the way you say Mu is just like you would say what a cow says, "Moo."
Also, the way you say Male...
The word is pronounced with two syllables, ma and le. You say the first syllable like the word you use to call your mom (maybe more of a southern thing, not sure) and you say the second syllable like the word "leg" but just take off the "l." It has a little more of a "long e" sound than that, but not as strong as the name, "Lee," it's somewhere in between. That was probably super confusing... :)
There you have it - Lesson 1 on Tok Pisin Tuesday! :)