Exploding Eggs

On our camping trip a couple weeks ago, we had bought a dozen eggs hoping to use them up before we left for home. Unfortunately, we didn't. So, instead of bringing the eggs back with us in the cooler, we decided to just put them in the fire and let them cook away. Genious idea, right?
Well.. not quite. We were watching the eggs, trying to decide if they would actually cook or not. See, the problem was that the carton was water logged since it had been sitting in the melting ice cooler and so when we put it in the fire, it just kind of killed it. So, I got down with my little stick and started rolling the eggs around, hoping to get some action.
All of a sudden.. BOOOOOM! No joke, that egg exploded and sent flying shell pieces all over my jacket. No joke, those little egg shell bullets left burnt marks in my jacket. Miraculously, none hit my body, and therefore I didn't get egg shell bullets embedded into my skin. So, lesson learned.. do not put eggs into a fire or they'll explode.
Well... I thought my lesson was learned.
This morning, I was in a rush - trying to get my husband's lunch packed, get ready for my workout, and run my car to the shop for some break repairs. I had eaten a whole wheat muffin with some jam, but knew I would need some protein to hold me over since I didn't know when I would be back to grab some lunch. So, I threw a couple eggs into a tupperware, filled the thing up with water and stuck it in the microwave. I then put it on 6 minutes, thinking that would be enough time for the water to boil and then continue to hardboil those eggs. I am very picky about there being NO liquid in my eggs when I eat them. So, then, I ran back upstairs to grab and organize a few last minutes things. While I was upstairs, no joke, I heard this huge BANG! and my heart did this sinking, oh goodness.. you did it again thing. So, I raced back downstairs, and opened the microwave door.
Egg shells and exploded white and yellow egg was on every wall of my microwave. And, to make it worse, the water had boiled over, so there was this nasty egg water sitting in every crack, on every wall, and dripping out of the microwave onto my stove. and it smelled so gross! The worst part was that I ALREADY LEARNED THIS LESSON!
the second worst part was that I didn't have time to clean it up very well because I had an appointment to get to at 8 and it was already 7:30. So, I cleaned up as best as I could in 5 minutes, left the microwave door open, and rushed out the door.
Let me tell you, when I walked back in later this morning after my errands, it smelled like eggs. Gross. This time, I have learned my lesson!
Now, YOU LEARN IT TOO and save yourself a stinky gross and maybe painful mess.