So over the past few days I have been making some observations that I am going to share with you.

1. It is so much easier to write a blog post using my phone because of its XT9 predictive text function rather than my Nook because it takes fifty times longer to type on it since I have to type every letter and make mistakes all the time.
2. Even though its difficult to type fast on the Nook, it has a bigger screen so its a lot nicer to use for things beSides typing.
3. Technology is taking over my life and i don't even know how half of it works. And I am fine with it.
4. Kids pick up everything around them!
5. Kids learn so so so fast! In less than five minutes I had taught my one year old nanny girl how to high five and she was holding up her hand to receive high fives.
6. Kids are super honest and say what they are thinking no matter what. For example, the other day my two year old nanny kid was eating fruit snacks and she spit them out onto the floor. When I asked her why, she told me matter of factly, "They didn't want to be in my mouth."
7. Kids are amazing at play acting! In fact, I think they actually think they are in the world they are play acting. For example, my three year old nanny kid loves cutting, styling and dying my hair. He combs it out, cuts it, dyes it purple or red, puts product in it and then blow dries it. All of this is done with the appropriate sound effects.
8. Its hard to keep a clean house and I don't even have kids! I better start getting fabulous habits formed now before the kids come along.
9. Marriage is hard. Relationships are hard. Friendship is hard. They all take sacrifices but are all worth every bit of pain in the end.
10. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a pretty great story. I've been listening to it at nights to help me fall asleep when my thoughts are intent on keeping me wide awake. The scarecrow, who insists he needs a brain, is the one who often comes up with the greatest ideas - Like when the group comes up to a huge river and no one knows how to get across it,but the scarecrow comes up with the idea for the tin man to make a wooden raft so they can float across. The tin man, who insists he needs a heart is the most tenderhearted, making him cry all the time and endangering his own self because of rust. The lion, who insists he needs courage, is often the one who stays behind to roar at the scary beasts chasing the group even though he is terrified. So, what's my observation? Often, we are equipped with the very things we want without even knowing it.
11. I haven't been spending enough time with God. Everything else has grabbed my attention and God has come in last. It's so easy to keep pushing Him farther down the priority list when He should be absolutely FIRST! Although I want to keep my house clean, try millions of more recipes, figure out next weeks meal plan, figure out new activities and places to take my nanny kids and many many more important and great things, the most important of all is to spend time with Jesus, my Lord and Saviour.