One Year!

So.. today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Hmm.. it seems kind of strange.. already being married for one year. So now, we are no longer newly weds, we have gotten through the touhgest year of our marriage, and we have only bliss to look forward to, right?! :)

This past year has been fabulous. First off, I just want to remind myself of the beautiful day that I married the man of my dreams...

First off, I married an absolutely handsome above all else man! :) Not only is he amazing just to LOOK at, he has an amazing heart that love the Lord and loves me, he cares about and for me and for the things that I care about. He provides for me and in everything is always looking to do the absolute best for me. What more could a gal ask for!?

We both have fantastic friends who were able to be a part of our special day. Many of them traveled from a FAR distance to come be a part of our day. 
My fabulous ladies represented thee countries - the US, Canada, and China. If you include PNG, then three of us represented PNG too!

My husbands amazing crew grew up with him and were always beside him and encouraging him in everything!

So then we got married! Yaay!

Our wedding vows were something that we both wanted to write instead of just repeating after the pastor. We didn't talk to each other before we wrote what we wanted to say, we just wrote what our hearts were feeling. My husband started off his vows speaking in Tok Pisin - how beautiful! :)
Snippits of his vows were:
"With all that God has made me, I vow to you to do my utmost to lead us spiritually and to love you as long as God gives me breath. My love is not conditional. I shall love you no matter what comes our way. I shall love you from this day forward to forever."
I followed up with my own, and here are some snippits of what I vowed to my husband:

"With exploding joy I enter into this new life with you. I happily give you myself. For 13 years I have prayed that God would lead me to His choice and I am confident in His will that that is being fulfilled today. I will love you when you are both sick and healthy, we are rich or poor, we are struggling through severe trials or pain, and in the beautiful joys God brings into our lives.
Through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to be faithful to you. I will love, serve, and obey you as long as we both are alive.
I pray to faithfully fulfill my place as your helper, to be obedient to God's purposes for me in your life, and in our lives together, to uphold you in prayer, and submit my hear to you and to always be by and on your side. Just as my love grew for you when I saw you from the helicopter, my love will continue to grow as I humbly hold your heart and submit it to Christ every day."

Then our pastor told us.. Ta Daa! You're married! Well, not quite, but basically... and wer were SUPER happy!

Then we went on our cruise for the reception. Behind us is the boat we were going to be on. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and a boat ride! God really blessed us!

We had homemade pies instead of cake since neither of us are huge cake fans. So of course, instead of shoving cake in each others faces, we shoved spoons full of strawberry pie in each others mouths! Great!

So, that was our wedding day! There were so many people who helped make that day special for us. Through all the years we are married (praying for it to be over 50) I know we will look fondly back on our wedding day and always remember how wonderful it was to join ourselves togehter in marriage, and to join our families together into one big family.

So then, we started living in our new house and began figureing out what it meant to be married...

Here's  a quick rundown...
Michael turned 25, or as he calls it, a quarter century old. So I made him a chocolate cake, and put, YES, 25 candles on it. Then, he held the thing up to his face and took a bite out of it! Haha! Only my husband! :)

Then he had to kiss me, and get cake all over my face. Thank goodness I hadn't put on any make up! :) That kiss really was a sweet kiss! :)

Then we went to Valley Fair. Can you guess where we are in this picture? We were on The Wild Thing going up about to fall to our deaths! Then, the lady yelled at us and told us that we weren't allowed to take pictures while on the roller coaster.. woops! :)

Then, I had my birthday and I turned 22 - not quite a quarter century old.. but getting there! :) We drove a few hours north and all the trees were changing colors and MY GOODNESS it was beautiful!

So we just walked around and explored the place we were camping. We found all these trees that were still standing, but were completely dead. So we started tree tipping! My husband would find all kinds of trees to push over, but I tried and tried to find them, but I couldn't tip over anything! I guess my husband is just super strong! :) Great!
He was definitely MAN of the TREE TIPPING!

Then we hit our six month anniversary! I had to work a full day that day, and I had really wanted to make a nice dinner and such, but was just exhausted when I came home. I was going through what kind of quick dinner I could make so I could just take a shwoer and go to bed. Instead, I came home to candles, chocolate, a green bear, and a warm dinner! He even made banana foster for dessert! What a man!
One of the things he got for our six months anniversary was this beautiful tropical orchid. It ended up with about 10 flowers on it and stayed alive for a long time!
Then we had our first Christmas together! :) We went over to my dad in law's house and had a fantastic meal and spent time together as a family. :)
Then, we finally paid off all my student college loans - they are TERRIBLE! So, after we paid them off, we celebrated by going out to eat! Here, we had just ordered some steak, but it came out raw, but you could cook it on this little stone fire thing. It was pretty cool! :)
And we had fried bananas in a banana leaf! It was so cool because that's how people cook in PNG a lot of the time! I asked the server about it and he said something like, "Yeah, that's something that people do, I guess, when they cook bananas. We just decided to start doing that, and people love it." Haha, yep.
And then the snow came...
and more...
and more...
Even though it was cold and snowy outside, we were still completely and fully in love, and growing more in love every day! The cold didn't stop us from having fun either! :)
I have to say, I have never jumped from a fence into a snow pile before. It was pretty fun!
And no matter what, the cold weather could NEVER stop my husband from enjoying wearing his swim trunks and flip flops! :) I love this guy! :)
FINALLY spring came and our crab apple trees started blossoming. They are SO pretty when they blossom!

And here we are... a couple weeks away from being one year olds! :)

It has been a great year! And I look forward to what our next year brings us! :) Hopefully you enjoyed my little year run down, if not, too bad. It's already done! :)