Take a DEEP breath....

I've kind of had two blogs going on- one here that you know so well, but I've also had a page on my facebook account dedicated to sharing my cooking recipes, trials, successes and so forth. I recently made the decision to stop posting onto my facebook page because it was just too difficult to keep both my "blogs" up and running. So, I figured because this blog is a real blog, I might as well combine "Joanna's Cooking Adventures" with "Islands Girl Navicating an Un-Island World."
Annnndddd.... now you know my name. NO MORE SECRETS! Even though if you were real detectives you could have figured it out by now, but that's ok. My name is Joanna and my fabulous husband's name is Michael. I've made a few oopsies in past posts where I've let one of our name's slip, or someone has mentioned one of our name's in a comment or something like that.. so whatever.
Now, for those of you who were dissaponted about Joanna's Cooking Adventures being cancelled well... IT'S BACK!
So.. let me give you an update of what's been going on in my kitchen..

So first off.. my kitchen is a disater mess right now. NOT proud of it at all.. but that's the way it is. I need to get in there and clean up. The sad part is it takes a good hour or more to clean it up well, but then just a few minutes to make the terrible mess... Sometimes I wish I wasn't such an artist at heart....

Let me walk you through my organized gross mess...
These are Tuesday's clean dishes - well those that I haven't had a chance to put away yet. I got about halfway done yesterday before I needed to start making dinner. What you see are Michael's tupperware from his lunch that I make and send with him every day. Also, some forks, maybe just one.. a measuring cup and a awesome yellow serving spoon. :)

Next.. here is the right side of my sink. Leaning up against the right side of the sink is my microwave plate - still not washed from yesterday's egg explosion. In the middle is the huge measuring bowl I was using to measure out my homemade vegetable broth into 2 cup portions to store in my freezer. And then at the front of my sink is my strainer - used MANY times in the past couple days but now needs to be washed!

Left side of my sink... So in there are my pans used to make dinner last night. We had spicy (actually not spicy) honey (actually brown rice syrup) chicken breasts. We also had mashed potatoes with butter, salt, and milk (all full fat and artificial sugar free) and peas. That's what the smaller pot was used to cook (the peas and potatoes, not together...) There's also some tupperwares in there, including the exploding egg shell tupperware - the one with the red cloth stuck in it. Gross. I am not looking forward to cleaning that up. Oh - and there's some potato peels in the bottom of the sink.

Moving on... Here is my breakfast this morning.. Oatmeal, almonds (in the plastic bag)
and a banana. Yes, I really did just leave that banana peel there. Also, I have been drinking gallons of black tea with milk and sugar. I was craving Namba Wan tea from Papua New Guinea. Namba Wan means Number One. And although my USA concoction didn't quite measure up to Numba Wan it satisfied my cravings. In the back you see some bright orange duct tape - that my friends is what Michael uses to fix his car when it pieces of it fall off. :)

Ok, now that there's been some honosty about how my kitchen looks right now... let's talk about what I've made in that messy at times kitchen of mine. I promise that it's not always that messy! In fact, after I clean it up and put everything away and in it's place, I will give you a better tour of my kitchen! Stay tuned!

So.. all you "Joanna's Cooking Adventures" people, sit tight because this is all REVIEW for you! Everyone else, here we go!

So, I made sushi. This was so much fun to make and a HUGE learning experience! This is made with Nori Seaweed paper and sticky rice mixed with rice vinegar and salt. For the filling part, besides the rice, I used crab meat (artificial), cucumber, cream cheese, carrots, cabbage.. uh... and I can't think of everything else right now...

I try to make salmon at least every other week so we can get those healthy omega-3s. Here, I used fresh caught wild salmon, garlic, butter and onions. It turned out YUMMY! The next morning, I put the cold leftovers on a unsalted brown rice cake over some cream cheese. That was a delicious breakfast!

Then I made crepes. Crepes are one of Michael's all time favorite meals - so I try to make them more often. In this one, I believe I had used blueberries, sugar, and cream cheese as a filling. I have also used strawberries and cream cheese, but also spinach, garlic and cheese as fillers.

Then of course, I have the breads I make.. Almond and Flax bread are my two absolute favorites! I don't know why the picture is squished.. but it is so it makes my bread looked squished. But, this is my flax bread with the listed ingredients...

And the squished picture unsquished in real life almond bread with it's ingredients!

Last but not least... here are my growing plants! On the top is deliciousness spinach, and the bottom was supposed to have cilantro, parsley, and oregano.. but so far only my cilantro is popping up. I am not sure why, but will have to figure it out and plant some more if I need to. I want my fresh spices!

Ok..... so there you have it! Turbo Speed through Joanna's Cooking Adventures! Now that everyone is all caught up, life will go back to normal. No more sad comments about how I quit posting on my Facebook cooking page, and more blog entry's here!