Airport Trivia

So, I realize that I haven't been posting regularily. I was in Wisconsin visiting my family! Being an MK (missionary kid) you kind of don't get to grow up getting to know extended family. That might be true of many un MKs too, but its definately true of me.

My MK definitions:
grandma: your dad's mom or your mom's mom who lives far far away and you never get to see except on furloughs.
Cousins: Your mom or dad's brother or sisters kids who are tons of fun to be around, but you hardly ever see them because they live far away
Aunts: Parents siblings who spoil you, but hardly ever because you never see them because they live far away
..and you get the point. imagine my confusion when one of my friends told me her grandma lived down the street from her. That my friends is an OXYMORON! a grandma just CAN'T live down the street, it's not a part of the definition! ok, moving on.

Another part of the MK life (at least mine) was TRAVEL! This weeks poll had a total of THREE votes! FANTASTIC! :)
Two out of the three have been to 11 or more airports and one out of the three has been to two or less.
I was trying to remember ALL the airports I have EVER been in. I think I probably missed one, or maybe two,  but here's all I can remember. :)

PNG - obviously... we land in Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea. By the way, Port Moresby has no roads to it... funny huh? You HAVE to fly a plane!
Australia - We always flew to Australia to catch our international LOOONG flight - usually to Los Angeles
New Zealand - I've been in New Zealand MANY times. Sometimes we fly from Aussie (Australia) to New Zealand before going to the US, and sometimes just straight from PNG to NZ...)
Singapore - TALK ABOUT HIGH TECH AIRPORT! I remember this airport had automatic toilet flushers, automatic washing hands sinks, automatic hand dryers, and automatic towel dispensers. WOW - mind blowing for a jungle living MK.
Thailand - Taipei was our stop here. This was another high tech airport, but not as much as Singapore. I remember we had YUMMY noodles for breakfast (probably not breakfast time there, but it was for our messed up bodies dealing with jet lag.)
Japan - I don't really remember being in Tokyo, but I know we were. :)
US - and DUH.... I have to say that the LA airport is TERRIBLE! I HATE IT WITH A PASSION!
Italy - So we landed in Italy from an 18 hour flight from Singapore. I was a zombie - awake but asleep somehow together. And we land (after NOT sleeping AT ALL on the plane) and its sunrise in beautiful Italy. Mom and Dad say, "Oh, well its sunrise! We have all day! Let's go site seeing!" Oh my goodness.....
But it was fun :)
France - this was a freak accident woops airport addition to my list. We were on our way from Singapore to Italy (refer to previous airport comments...) and there was a man on our plane who had a heart attack while we were flying over HUGE amounts of air with no hospitals nearby. I remember they had him lying on the airport aisle, giving him oxygen. So they just landed in France, gave him to the waiting ambulance, and we took off again. So, I actually never stepped on France airport floor, but I still count it...
England - After Italy, we flew to England. I don't really remember the England airport, but that we went on the London Eye (the BIGGEST ferris wheel in the world at the time) and it was amazing.
Belize - and my handsome husband and I went to this airport together on our honeymoon! :)

As far as place I think I've been to but am not SURE....
Hong Kong - I'm pretty sure this is where my Mom and I landed on our way back to the States after I graduated high school, but I'm not  positive....

So... basically airports feel like home. When I get into an airport, I kind of relax and know I can find my way around and everything will be ok because 1)I am in an airport 2) number 1 means I will be traveling soon 3) I love to travel 4) i know my way around because i've been in so many airports 4) unless I am in LA, then I HATE it!

Be sure to check out the new poll... :)
Ok.. lukim yu pukpuk.