Birthday Boy

Today, 26 years ago, my handsome husband was born. I don't think his dad said "Look at that handsome husband" when he popped out of his wife, but he probably said, "Thank goodness I have a baby boy, and boy is he cute!" I don't know. What I do know is that this world is a better place because Michael was brought into this world, and I've only known him for about three of those years.
I don't know if I've talked much about Michael - besides the fact that in the dictionary, his face is the definition of "sexy."
Michael is super sexy, very artistic, so kind and loving, and committed to loving God with all his heart. Michael has written me songs and played them for me with his guitar, made me scrapbooks, and brought me to waterfalls. Hey - that's a big deal. When I came back to the US, I really missed waterfalls. So, Michael made it a point to bring me to waterfalls a LOT. In fact, we got engaged by a waterfall. :)

So - it wasn't quite the same as getting engaged by a waterfall in Papua New Guinea, but whatever. I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Michael had a HUGE part in planning our wedding - from the colors of the groomsmen clothes to the types of flowers in the bouquets. Then, he planned our FULL two week honeymoon all by himself without the help of a travel agent. It was the absolute best honeymoon in the world!
He's brought me to so many theater productions including Cavalia, Cinderella, Shen Yuen, and The Brothers Grimm. He is always thinking about ways to love me better and be a better husband, support, and friend.
Not only does he take amazing care of me, he absolutely adores his sister and Dad. Both are such dear parts of our family. Michael was the one who organized our trip to go spelunking, and we often head over to his Dad's house to spend time with the family.

Michael's 25th birthday cake - and yes, he really did take a bite out of the cake. Then, he brought it to Bible study with him for all the other guys to eat.

So - here's happy birthday to the perfectly prepared husband for me in the whole wide world. God knew before time began that we were meant to be and he has been preparing us for each other ever since. I am so blessed to have Michael as my husband, and to celebrate another year of his life with him. I am so excited to celebrate another 26 with him if God blesses us with them. :)