If you read blogs other than mine, you know that everyone is telling you to go to Bloglovin to follow your blogs because Google Reader is ending TODAY. I really have no idea what that is or what it means, but I knew if I wanted to keep reading my blogs, that I needed to get a Bloglovin account. I was kind of worried about spam and other terrible things sent to my inbox and I thought this "bloglovin" thing was stupid, but I decided reading my blogs was more important than my feelings of stupidness, so I signed up.

Let me tell you, regardless of whatever Google Reader is, I LOOOOOOVE Bloglovin. Funny, huh? It is so conveneient! I get updates to each blog I read in my email every day, I literally get NO other emails from them, and I get to find tons of other blogs to read and like without needing to following them. It's such a great tool! So, if you want to continue to get updates of when I write, get an account with Bloglovin'. All you have to do is go to and hit the sign up button, create an account (takes about 5 minutes), confirm your email, and then go find the blogs you follow (and maybe a few new ones!) To get to the bloglovin website, click on the NEW gadget I have to the right of my blog, or the picture below this paragraph. Either will take you to bloglovin so you can follow my blog there, and get an account.

 Follow on Bloglovin

As long as I'm on this reading blog tangent, I want to share with you the other great blogs I regularily read! Go ahead and check them out! I know that some of them you will probably hate, but some you might really enjoy. Just so you know, some of the people I follow use "adult language" or maybe "nobody's language" and talk about "adult beverages" and "adult activities" etc etc. I think you get my drift. But, you know what? They are real people, dealing with real world things, and sharing their hearts about it. So - you decide. Here are the great role models I follow, see what you think!

No, I'm Not Kim Possible 
This is one of my all time favorite blogs - she's a Mom, a wife, a shameless Child of God, and an honest woman sharing every day with her readers. Even though she isn't the Disney Kim Possible, I'm pretty darn sure she IS Kim Possible! :) Amazing woman here, follow her! (You can do that by clicking on her picture or here)

 I couldn't get a picture of her blog logo, but its Chocolate Covered Katie. This woman literally comes up with desserts that are as healthy as a dessert can be and they are DELICIOUS! If you are looking for ideas or just want to look at yummy pictures of chocolate and cake, follow this beautiful woman. :) To get to this woman's blog, click here.

Lisa Leake So obviously, I follow a lot of food and recipe blogs. :) This is another fantastic woman who is doing her best to feed her family unprocessed whole foods ALL the time. She has ALL kinds of ideas and recipes to help YOU do this as well! To follow her blog, click here. And, if you dare, take one of her Real Food challenges - she even has it broken down into ten day segments and even a challenge fit for you if you're on a budget! Just try it!

This woman is another Mom, just figuring out how to live life to the fullest while taking care of her babies and husband and feeding them healthy and nutritious meals. To follow her, click here. 

Jamie the Very Worst MissionaryThe woman who writes this blog is fantastic! She is so down to earth and real, but has such great things to say! To follow Jamie, click here

I also follow "What's Good at Trader Joe's?" because I do a lot of my shopping at Trader Joe's. They have great prices for organic, all natural, and clean products. I don't do ALL my shopping there, as they don't have a lot of unfood items that every household needs, but as far as food goes, they are pretty good. The couple who writes this blog (more so the husband) aren't affiliated with Trader Joe's in any way, so they can say something tastes terrible and its ok. That's why I like reading this guy's blog. You can follow it here.
What's Good at Trader Joe's? 

So there you have it - the blogs I follow! :) Even if you don't follow every single one, just check them out, comment on a few here and there. I know all bloggers LOVE comments popping up on their blogs. It makes them feel like people actually care about what their writing - even if the commenter could care less.

Ok, see ya later Pukpuk! oh, one other thing.. 
So, pukpuk means alligator.. can you guess what rokrok means? ONLY non Tok Pisin speaking people may answer! :) I will tell you NEXT blog :)