GRRRRRR to Food Allergies and Monkyless Jungles

Its been a while since my last post. sorry about that - things have been BUSY!
Here's why its been busy.
1) I'm a wife. Enough said.
2) I'm an extrovert, so I get together with a lot of people and spend HOURS talking.
3)I've been totally changing the way I cook to FULLY gluten free. That's hard work!

So i really don't need to explain the first two, but i will explain the third point. After months of kind of being wishy washy on the topic of gluten free eating and diet in general, Michael and I decided to just do a two week trial of me eating 100% gluten free to find out once and for all if gluten/wheat is the culprit for my not feeling well syndrome. I've kind of gone back and forth over the past three months where I might eat gluten free for two days and then eat gluten twice the next day, and then eat it once the next day, and then be gluten free for the next day, and then eat it the next day blah blah blah. so even though it might seem that at least i wasn't eating AS MUCH gluten as before, just because I was still eating SOME gluten, I was still having all the side effects of it and it was making me feel sick - at least that was the theory. So we decided to cut it ALL out for two weeks so I can really see if it was making me feel sick.

So, we started Monday night. I have been trying to make SUPER yummy gluten free meals just so that both of us can at least put into our heads that gluten free does not mean disgusting, because it doesn't at all! So, Monday night I made meatloaf. It was AMAZING! in fact, Michael told me that it was the best meatloaf I had ever made! YES!! instead of breadcrumbs, I used yellow zucchini. Yep - crazy huh? I just chopped it up real thin and mixed it in with everything else. Then I served it up with fresh garden peas and brown rice.

Tuesday night was tacos! YUM! I bought these ivory teff gluten free tacos. They were SOOO yummy!

But, you know whats super stupid? I sprinkled seasoned salt on my beans because I was making my own re fried beans, and i thought seasoned salt would make it taste good. Well, guess what I found out TOO late? seasoned salt has wheat in it! how stupid?! After I was stirring my salt and beans together, i happened to look at the ingredient list for the seasoned salt and I noticed the ingredient WHEAT written in black bold letters.
Now, I don't really know what had wheat in it because here's the list of ingredients: salt, sugar, spices, including paprika and turmeric, onion, cornstarch, garlic, silicon dioxide (prevents caking), extractives of paprika, natural flavor. Must be the silicon dioxide or natural flavor. Whatever. After reading the ingredients, it looks gross anyways because I don't need that dioxide stuff, or the extractives of paprika, or natural flavor. Spices have enough flavor without needing MORE natural (fake) flavor. and who needs MORE sugar in the salt? not me!
 So, I had a decision to make. Either ignore the fact that I had wheat on my beans or REALLY stick to eating FULLY gluten free and throw them away. Or I could just give them to Michael and he could eat them while I eat Gluten Free beans. The beans I was using were old anyways (originally fresh, but had been in the freezer for months, so probably not all that great anyways) so I just threw them out. and I opened up a can of beans (gross, but better than no beans) and rinsed them off SUPER well and then DID NOT sprinkle seasoned salt on them. so, that meals was completely gluten free too! Success!

By tuesday night, I was feeling somewhat better, but not enough to feel like staying off of gluten was worth it. So, Wednesday night I made gluten free pizza. I used Udis gluten free pizza crust and made a cheese pizza, a cheese and mushroom pizza, and a veggie pizza. Well, actually the cheese pizza was one, and the mushroom/veggie pizza was a second. and the crusts are small, so it really wasn't a TON of pizza. WOW! that was So delicious! :) Michael didn't like it as much as his Chef Boyardee Homemade Kit, but thats ok. In the future, I will make him a separate pizza full of gluten, and I will stick to my gluten free pizza.

 To visit Chef Boyardee's website to look at this pizza or any of his other items, click here.

So that brings me up to today. This morning I work up NOT feeling sick. That's pretty amazing. I also went to bed last night NOT feeling sick. usually, after eating pizza, I will be feeling sick that night, the next day, and probably the next day too. DID NOT happen last night or today. in fact, today I feel GREAT! So, I think that I was definitely allergic/sensitive/intolerant to wheat/gluten. I just have to be SUPER careful now, because there is wheat in SO many things! like that seasoned salt - I totally never would have guessed that had gluten in it, but it did. I am really paranoid now. but its worth it to feel better. :)

By the way - true or false? Monkeys live in Papua New Guinea. There were two votes - one for true, one for false. The answer is FALSE! Papua New Guinea is a jungle with NO monkeys. I don't know why because its GREAT monkey land just like any of the other rain forests around the world that have monkeys but PNG doesn't. So, I grew up in a jungle with no monkeys - how terrible but wonderful. :)
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