Random Tidbits

Well - I have a lot of random pictures that I think deserve a spot on this blog so get ready for RANDOM!!!!

So firstly, we are getting TONS of food from our garden. Here is a bowl of sweet peas! I had to open each pea pod and fish those little things out. It was a lot of work, but HOW YUMMY to have fresh garden peas for dinner?! SO totally worth it. :) I am super excited for the next batch to come in so I can get the next bowl of peas.

We also have raspberries growing in our garden, but NOT THIS MANY! This was when I went to Wisconsin to visit family, and they introduced me to raspberry picking! SO COOL! We went to this HUGE field of raspberries and got to pick our own fresh raspberries! We got 12 pints, and then went home and made raspberry jam and pies. Oh my goodness - talk about DELICIOUS!

My cousin is an amazing hair stylist. If you live in the area and want to drive all the way out to Wisconsin to get your hair done by her, let me know and I will give you her info so she can do your hair. I had had long crazy wild hair, which I like as does my husband, but I decided to let my hair artist cousin do WHATEVER she wanted. So, that's what I told her. And WALAA!! Out came a little bob. Not the best picture, I know. I took it in a bathroom with a bunch of fake lighting, but still. You can see the length. It is SUPER short, but I like it for the summer months. When my dear husband saw it, he said, "You are so beautiful, but can you not cut your hair again for five years?" :)

Then, while we were driving home from raspberry picking, we saw this amazing car with doors that lifted up into the air instead of opening sideways. AND, there's a computer on the gear shift and a blender sitting on the trunk. How cool is that....

One day, while I was on my run, I saw this little bird just standing on the sidewalk. I know you can't really see it in the picture, but I think he was a little sparrow or something. I think that was they day that the heat index was 113, but regardless it was HOT. No matter how close I got to my new little bird friend, he just stood there, looked at me, and just seemed to be completely out of it. I decided I NEEDED to help him. So I tried to get him to hop off the sidewalk and into the grassy shade, but when he finally did, he just fell over, spread his wings out and it seemed like he had just given up on life. So, I decided to SAVE him! I used my shirt to pick him up and make a little nest for him. Then I called up my friend who came and picked me up and we drove the little birdie to the park where we were able to put him into the woods. I know I probably didn't do much, but I at least had peace of mind that he wouldn't get squished by a shoe or car and was in the shade and if he was going to die, at least it would be more in his area.

So then we went to the zoo. Flamingos are so funny. First off, there are male PINK flamingos. Which I think is funny. Kind of like God totally destroying the stereotype that pink is only for girls. anyways, the flamingos stand on one leg all the time, and as I discovered later, they sleep on one leg. It's probably hard to see, but this guy had his leg pulled up (looked SUPER uncomfy) and his long neck twisted around his body and his head tucked into his feathers. And he was just standing there, asleep. VERY strange...

Then there was this pretty cool vulture. I don't know how they kept him in the zoo. My first question when I saw him was, "Is he just visiting or does he stay here?" I think its a pretty legit question. But then my uncle said something along the lines of, "They probably trim his wings so he can't go anywhere." Probably true, but sad. Or maybe he just knows he gets food here, so he comes back. anyways, while we were passing him, he was running around with his wings out. It looked like a little old man waddling around, and then he put his wings out! so cool! :)

So here are the giraffes. Now, it probably just looks normal, but the giraffe who's neck is way up in the trees - well he was stretching his very BIG black tongue as far up into those leaves as he could. It was the funniest thing to see. You probably can't see it very well, but it happened, I promise.

And BEFORE I left for Wisconsin was Michael's birthday. So I made him a tiramisu cheesecake and it turned out SUPER yummy! Here it is all plated and ready to go. I sprinkled cocoa on the plate, put whipped cream on top, sprinkled more cocoa over that, and then decorated it with chocolate sauce. Yum!

And in my latest news, I exploded an egg in the microwave AGAIN. I just never learn...