Life, Kids, and Kisses

I know I am WAAAAAAAAAY past writing a post, so I thought I better make this a good one. I am in luck, because I started back at my nanny job this past week and I know kid stories are always a hit, and boy do I have some FANTASTIC ones to share with you. But first, a little about my past month of kid-less-ness...

First off - these fantastic little wedding duckies were given to my sweet husband and I by one of our dear friends from China! I absolutely ADORE them, and they used to sit on my window sill above the sink so I could see them every time I washed dishes. I decided that they needed to be closer to the tub, so now they are on our toilet. :) Right next to the wedding toilet paper. Classy huh?

I organized my dresser, but obviously it didn't stay so. This is neater than it was, I promise...

My "Solitude" art piece which was beautifully framed fell off the wall in the middle of the night and the glass shattered EVERYWHERE. Michael got up, ready to fight off the intruder that broke into our house, but fortunately it was just a run away painting. As of right now, its just sitting up against the wall. I don't think I'll ever get around to buying a piece of fitted glass, but maybe.

I made a quiche with a gluten free homemade pie crust that turned out SUPER yummy!  and the crust was really easy to make because I just dumped all the ingredients into the pan and mixed it all together with my hands. I got the recipe from this amazing recipe book that happened to be written by my auntie. :) The book is called "Simply Gluten Free" and I'm pretty sure you can buy it at smaller book stores now, but if you can't find it, let me know and I know my Aunt will work with you. :)

If you visit the Facebook page, you can read about the book and even like the page if you want!

Our fishies are doing well. O-shen (the lobster) has been eating the nameless minnows, which is great since that was their purpose.

Our guppy tank is FULL of babies, pregnant mommies, and busy daddies. So far, we have had a three baby survivors of the 50+ babies that have been birthed. Because there is such a high death toll with the new babies, we don't name them until they begin to get their colors. Once they get their colors, we know they are big enough to stay alive. So, the newest addition to the guppy family is a young and handsome boy we've named Neon RaveMaster. I couldn't get a great picture of him, but you can kind of see his colors in the picture below. Neon RaveMaster is the guppy in the middle with the orangish redish tail that is bordered in black. Currently, there are at least two more batches of babies, and two more pregnant mommies. 

Also, our bamboo plant - which has been kept alive since our wedding reception (these were the center pieces) is doing GREAT! :)

Ok, now on to the GOOD STUFF! I was SO EXCITED to go back to work. In fact, Sunday night, I could hardly sleep because I was thinking about all the fun stuff me and the kids could do together. Yesterday was fun, but today was a day FULL of funnies - so I will share some. :)

This morning, me and the kiddos spent about an hour and half at the park. The 2 year old girl had just climbed halfway up the monkey bars when she looked at me, scurried back down and at the top of her lungs yelled "I have to go poop!" I couldn't help but just smile back at her because i knew that she was just telling me what she needed. Think of it if everyone said to the world "I have to go poop!" when they had to go poop. What a great thought.
There was this one thing that made me SUPER mad though. There was another nanny at the park today (I'm sure there were MANY nannies at the park..) but she had two adorable blondies that were placed in her care. She sat herself down on the nearby bench and whenever wanted to get information to the girls, she would yell at them. "Nancy, don't do that!" "What did I say, Nancy?!" "Julia, put your shoes on!" "If you don't put your shoes on, you won't get a treat!" and so on and so forth. I was absolutely disgusted with her yelling and no action take on nannying. It was embarrassing to know that she was a nanny. After a while, she decided to take the kids home. She actually got up but just yelled again "Girls, we're going home!" One of the girls came running over, but the other was climbing up the stairs for one more slide. When she didn't come right away, the nanny did some more of her yelling crap, and eventually the blondie toddled over. As they were leaving, I heard her tell the kid "Some day's I don't even want to come to work because you two are so naughty."
I couldn't BELIEVE it! First off, the kids weren't even naughty. They were just being kids. Secondly, even if your kid was the DEVIL, you would NEVER tell them that horrible thing. She was an adult, but she was acting like a kid. How terrible and embarrassing. I wonder if the parents know that that's how she is treating gorgeous blond babies, or if they even care. Although this story isn't the first and won't be the last, I think I was most appalled and embarrassed to share a work title with this woman. Ugh...
Anyways - moving back to my adorable and fantastic kiddoes....
They have been SO well behaved the past couple days. NO KIDDING. When I say "Please clean up your toys," I get an "Ok, Joanna." When I give them their cereal, I hear "Thank you!" Today, when one of the kids asked for a piece of gum, she said "Please, can I have some gum thank you yes please?" HOW POLITE is that?! That is three polite words in one sentence!
Some thing I totally forgot about is how I now go pee with an audience. I never close the door to go pee because I want to be able to see and hear the kids in case something happens and they need my help. Usually, the two year old comes in and talks to me while I pee. As I am finishing up, she always tells me what color my underwear is. Then, we have an in depth conversation about what the color of my underwear makes her think of - Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Cuties, etc. Definitely missed that...
The baby is getting to be an un-baby. She waddles around all over the place with the little ducky that I gave her for her birthday. She wants to be involved in everything the other kids are, and she goes around kissing everything. Today, she puckered up her lips, stared me straight in the eye, and came in for a lip kiss. So slobbery and beautiful. Then she gives me this huge adorable toothy grin. Oh, how I've missed my job!
I've saved the best for last. The kids learned how to "blow a kiss" today. Let me explain how they blow a kiss. They come right up into your face - like their gorgeous eyes are inches from yours. Then, they put their hand over their mouth, kiss their hand, move their hand away, and then blow right into your face. It is one of the cutest kisses I've ever gotten. :) I hope to get many more in the future.
Well - there you have it. I've missed my job and I am SO happy to be back! :)

Oh - and I will cover the last poll next time. I just had to talk about the kiddoes today. :)