Last night was a super yummy meal and I'm going to share it with you! :)
The meal for the night was Cauliflower Soup, which I was not too excited about because its cauliflower and I really don't like it, but I know its super good for you and I knew I could use up some garden veggies making it. So I just grit my teeth and started making it.
Its ridiculously easy to make. You just throw some oil in your pan and saute some onions. Then I threw in a cup of milk and a cup of water along with half a head of chopped cauliflower. I did equal parts milk and water and just kind of guesstimated how much a cup would be. I don't really believe in measuring cups, but I totally understand if you do :)

Then I turned down the heat and let it boil for awhile. I wanted to make sure my cauliflower was nice and soft but not too mushy because then its just gross. I let it boil for maybe 10 minutes and then took a potato masher and smashed up all those cauliflower hunks. Then I let it boil some more...

Meanwhile, I threw my frozen bacon on a pan and began frying it up. I also peeled and sliced some delicious garden carrots and started those cooking in some boiling salt water and lastly, I prepared my Zucchini chips.

We have this HUGE zucchini, maybe you remember from last blog. Anyways, I chopped up about a quarter of it into thin slices, maybe a quarter of an inch?
That quarter of the zucchini still made a LOT of zucchini slices! After slices them, I poured some milk into a bowl and in a second bowl dumped almond flour, garlic powder and salt and mixed it all up.
Then I dipped each zucchini check into the milk and then dredged it through the almond flour mix and the plopped them onto my prepared baking pan. I used a cookie cooling rack and put it on top of a cookie sheet to help the chips get a bit more crunchy, but it didn't really work that way. Next time I think I'll just spray my cookie sheet with coconut oil and bake them directly on the sheet.
Then I turned my oven up to 425 degrees and popped those babies in there. I never set timers, I just use my nose and my eyeballs. So I think these were probably in there about 20 minutes? maybe 30, maybe 40. who knows. But basically when they look done and you taste one and it tastes crunchy and delicious, then its done!
So here's the final product all plated up. As you can see some of the middle got ripped out cuz they melted in between the holes of the cooling rack. But they were still good. Next time I might add some cheese in with my almond flour mix and I might try frying them instead of baking them. we'll see :)

By now, my bacon was done cooking, so I drained out all the grease and chopped up the pieces of meat into bacon bit size and threw them into my cauliflower soup. I also made a thickener out of gluten free flour and milk. I put a couple spoons of flour in a cup and then filled it a bit past the top of the flour with milk and stirred it up and dumped it in my soup. Then I threw the lid back on and let it boil and thicken up.

My carrots were done by now, so I drained them and added the necessary butter and salt to make them even more good!
So that was our meal! It was really easy and the cauliflower soup was actually SUPER delicious! It tasted like a creamy chowder and the bacon added a definite plus but you could leave it out if you wanted to for an ALL veggie meal. I just had some leftover bacon that I wanted to use up :) Another thumbs up meal from the hubby! :)

The least favorite part of the meal was cleaning up...

But its got to be done!!