I have a blog?!

 HELLO!!!I am alive, I promise.
I totally forgot that I had a blog. I know that sounds stupid, but I promise, it's true. Mi no giaman! (Tok Pisin for "No joke.")
So I was looking back at my last blog and it was in August! It's been over a month since I last wrote.
Not much has happened since my last entry - really. Here's my news:

We still live in the same house.
I got a second nanny job - but I don't have a code name for the adorable 12 month old I am caring for yet. Soon, though...
Minnie, Spidey and Duckie's Mom still has not had her baby but any day now...
I'm going to turn 23 years old in less than a week. Welcome to Official Adult Land, Joanna.

A couple weeks ago, Michael and I were able to walk through the Harley Davidson Museum. I never knew there was so much history to the Harley Davidson. Right before the exit, there were bikes avilable for sitting on. Don't we look spiffy?!

That's about it.
So - as you can see, there really hasn't been anything to write about.

I would love to know what YOU want to hear about. Leave a comment or send me an email or Facebook message about questions you have about PNG, being a nanny, organic cooking, gluten free cooking, home cooking, budget planning, working out, or WHATEVER! :)