So I just have to spend a blog talking about the crazy, ridiculous, insane workout DVD series I am doing. It's tough, but a lot of fun, especially if you can do it with someone. It's a 60 day program with 13 different DVDs and you do a different DVD every day over the 60 days and supposedly, by the end of the 60 days,  you are supposed to be in great shape and have a great looking body. You work out six days a week, and each workout is about 40 minutes long - 10 minute warm up, 5 minute stretch, 20 minute work out, 5 minute cool down and stretch and the warm up is a work out in itself if you ask me!
 If you want to see what I've been doing, watch this video. It's actually a sales pitch - but it gives you a good idea of what the program is like. 
Used from YouTube here.

When I first started a week ago, the warm up just about did me in. I thought that was it, but then Sean (the trainer leading the workouts) said, "Ok, now for our workout." Yeah - I just about died, and then I did the work out and cried. Yep - just putting it out there for all to see, I cried. In fact, I've cried a couple times during my Insanity workouts - but I don't regret it. I'm not sure if I am crying tears of relief that I'm done, or tears of pain at how tired my body feels, or tears of triumph because I completed the workout.. probably a mix of all the above. Anyways - there's a reason this workout series is called "Insanity." In Tok Pisin, it would be called long long. I might say "Em i long long stret!" Which means "it's totally crazy!" which it is.

I'm also following the suggested food plan at least for now. Basically, you eat five small meals a day rather than three large ones. I find that its easier for me to actually tell when I'm hungry eating five small meals - which is nice. I've just been eating my next meal/snack when my body starts telling me its hungry again. Sometimes I just want to snack, but I can tell when that's whats going on instead of me actually being hungry.
Yesterday was my first real whole day no cheating following the meal plan day. I started off with a little bit of oatmeal with almond milk, berries, and walnuts. I do my best to keep my workouts in the morning (so if for whatever reason I feel like doing a second workout in the afternoon, I can) and right after my workout, I eat some type of protein - lately its been a little yogurt. My snack was Mexican Eggs - basically an egg, a roma tomato, and cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla. Lunch was DELICIOUS! I have never had such a great salad. I fried a center cut pork loin chop in a bit of olive oil and then sliced it up. I put a couple handfuls of baby kale into a bowl, put the meat in, about 6 pecans, and sliced in half a peeled cucumber. I also cut up half an apple and added it to my salad. Then I poured a bit of balsamic vinaigrette dressing over top and took my first bite. Oh - it was so good! I've never added pecans to a salad before, but I think the mix of apples, pecans and balsamic vinaigrette dressing was the perfect combination of tastes because my taste buds were defiantly doing some kind of happy dance.
For my afternoon snack, I had tuna salad - yep, just straight tuna salad. I LOOVE tuna. I had a can of tuna, a few scoops of plain yogurt, (couldn't find any plain greek yogurt at Aldi this week, so I just went with regular) some chopped onion and celery, and a sprinkle of dill. Oh -so good!
For dinner we had seafood ramekins. Its actually kind of fun cooking with ramekins. I have to plan better and be more creative, plus when I cook with ramekins I can add fun little things to make them look for creative or artsy. I know it really doesn't matter because its just what we're eating our dinner out of, but its still fun to dress the meal up a bit more.
To make the sea food ramekins, I used shrimp and tilapia. I just cut the seafood into really small squares and added them to the mixing bowl. Then I crushed a bunch of gluten free crackers in a bag, and dumped those in as well (instead of bread crumbs). I added onions and celery, salt, pepper, wild rice (the little bit left from a couple nights ago), parsley and some plain yogurt. (instead of mayonnaise - GROSS!)

Once it was all mixed up, I put equal amounts into three ramekins. I only bought about two of each set because usually there were only two - so I used a couple brown ones for dinner that night, and then put Michael's lunch for the next day in the white ramekin. Then I crushed up some more gluten free crackers and sprinkled them on top.

Then into the oven they went for probably about 45 minutes until the crackers were browned and the filling was bubbling. I also made some apple cinnamon "soda" again - just juiced an apple and a half and seeped a cinnamon tea bag in hot water before icing it, and then poured the apple juice and iced cinnamon tea into a couple glasses of carbonated water. I added a tad bit of honey to each cup just for that extra sweet punch it needed.
I also made steamed broccoli and sliced pears - great side dishes - although I realized after the fact that they are both green and probably should have used a different color for either the fruit or veggie, but whatever.
Ah - lovely home cooked dinner. I had to put the ramekins on hot pads since they came right out of the oven, and it made the place setting look really pretty.
So, there you have it! Insanity and food! I have a LOT more weeks of working out and eating right, but I am already seeing results and being able to do SO much more than I used to. For example, there is this one move that Sean LOVES to make me do - moving pushup. I thought about trying to explain what you do, but just watch this guy doing it, and it'll make sense.
This guy does them SO MUCH faster than I do, but you can hear how hard he's working and that this is a difficult move! You try it and see how many you can do!
Used from Youtube here
I could barely do one of these when I started, but today, I almost did the full 3 sets of 30 seconds!

I've seen improvement in so many other of the exercises too, but I won't try to explain them - just get Insanity yourself and join me!

Are you following a certain workout or meal plan? Are there certain workout programs you highly recommend?