The Big B

Well, as I am sure some of you noticed, I have not come through with my promise to write more blogs. In fact, I've written a total of two blogs since 2014 started. Utter fail.

But, I have a GREAT reason. On January 6, I came home from church with my hubby and just on a total whim, I took a pregnancy test. I really didn't think I was pregnant and I was really expecting just one pink line like every other month I had taken one...just in case.

Hurray for home pregnancy tests! I know not too long ago you had to go to the doctors to find out if you were pregnant.

Well... this month had quite a different result. After I dipped the stick in my pee, that second pink line almost immediately showed up. I stared at it not really sure what to do.  I didn't really even believe it could be true. I hid the test behind some lotion on a shelf and grabbed my Nook and started looking up why (besides being pregnant) someone could get a positive pregnancy test, because obviously I couldn't REALLY be pregnant, right?

Pretty much everything I read said if you got a positive, you are pregnant, congratulations! I still was in shock. I kept going back to the bathroom, pulling out the test from behind the lotions and starting at it. The two pink lines stayed there throughout the whole night and the next day - when I took two more tests just to be sure. And what do you know, both came back positive.

Wow. So, I really was pregnant...... it was a strange thing to think about. I didn't dare say I had a baby growing inside of me because it made it too personal. I was so excited but so scared at the same time. What if its not real? What if it dies? What if the test is bad? What if, what if, what if...

I told Michael that evening and we both were so excited! I remember that night as we were laying in bed, he said, "Things are never going to be the same." Oh how true that has become.

We are no longer just a husband and wife team. We're a husband, wife and kid team now!

That was ages ago, at least it feels like that. Now, I am almost 16 weeks pregnant and entering my second trimester. I am so thankful for the little Baby Olson in my tummy :) What a precious, perfect gift from God. Every day, I am so amazed at the miracle of life and that there is life growing inside of me. Let me say that again. THERE IS LIFE GROWING INSIDE OF ME! A baby! Our baby! Its crazy! Its surreal. Some days I still can't believe it, but its true. I have the 11 week ultrasound pictures to prove it.

Oh my goodness! That's our baby!!

So, yes, I skipped about three months from when I found out I was pregnant and told my fabulous husband to now. What happened in between you might ask?

Well..... its been tough to say the least. BUT, it will all be worth it when we get to hold our little baby in 6 months, God willing. :) wow, I cant even imagine what its going to be like to hold OUR baby.

If you want to know more about my first trimester rough spots, leave a comment and I'll tell you. I know a lot of women share their nausea, vomiting, and extreme exhaustion stories in an effort to bring encouragement to other moms going through the same thing. I DO want to do this and I would love to hear your story, but, my focus here and now is on the blessing God placed in my womb and being thankful he or she is still healthy and growing. What a miracle :)

And, can I just add that my husband has been the rock of this little family. I cannot imagine going through this huge change without him in my life. From making me meals, rubbing my back, going to work every day without complaining to kissing my slowly growing baby bump, washing nasty crusty dishes and SO much more, Michael is the true hero in this story. He is going to be an absolutely amazing stellar Dad amd I can't wait to see him interact with his new little son or daughter when it "pops" out.

My little nanny boy always asks me if it's time for the baby to pop out yet. When I told him about the baby in my tummy, he was very excited and kept asking me every day, "Is today the day your baby will pop out?" And every day I told him the same, "No, not today. Its going to be a long time still." He really wants to be around when it pops out though, and he got dressed into a nice collared shirt, had me button it all the way up, tucked it into his jeans and put on his nice shoes and told me matter of factly, "This is what I am going to wear when I come to see your baby pop out." Oh, how I love those kids :)

15 weeks baby bump! I keep looking back at this picture and thinking, "Wow, that's really me, and there's really a baby growing in that belly!"

So, for the next while, I am the "pregnant islands girl navigating an unisland world." My blog posts will probably reflect that :) so, if you want, grab on and let's go for a ride! Its going to be crazy, wild, painful, real, and absolutely breath takingly beautiful no matter what. I am so excited!