Jenny ROCKS!

Bum Bum Ba Duuuuuum!!!!
Today's picture - now you get to discover what this picture is all about....
Its really not that mysterious, right? There's my precious son Gymnast, my handsome husband Mr. Barefoot, and my wonderful father in law, Grandpa Yes. Three generations of first born boys, of bops.  Remember what Bop means? It means the first born son. I love this picture!

Now, what about that big blue inner tube thing next to them? Any thoughts? That's actually a water birthing tub. Yep! They make tubs specifically to give birth into! And that is right in our living room on our couch and right in front of the couch is where I gave birth to that beautiful bundle of joy that my Mr. Barefoot is cuddling with. <3

I want to love on my midwifery team a bit. Jenny was my main midwife and she was phenomenal. She is a strong Christian who when I was interviewing her in the beginning, and asked her if she was a Christian, said "yes, I love Jesus so much." Oh, that spoke worlds to me!

I was first interested in her because she had grown up as an TCK (Third Culture Kid) in the Philippines. Because of that, I knew we would have similar perspectives. When you are an TCK, you share similar worldviews with all the other TCKs in the world regardless of if you actually grew up in the same country or not. I also thought it was fun she was an TCK in the Philippines because my grandpa is from the Philippines. 

It was also very important to me that our midwife was a strong Bible believing Christ following christian, and Jenny is definitely all that and more.

From the first time I met her I liked her. She is so honest and inviting. She made me feel like I was important and deserved her time. I never had an appointment with her where I felt rushed or like I had stupid or silly questions. She encouraged questions and went the extra mile in finding answers for me. She was always giving me information and then allowing Mr. Barefoot and I the time and space to make our decision. This is so important for any decision but especially when you are trying to decide what is best for your family. She gave us everything - the good, bad, and the ugly and then left it up to us to decide. If we had more questions, she would answer them and never push us to make a decision sooner than we were ready to. 

She was constantly trying to help me get my HG (hypremesis grevadium) under control and encourage me through it. In all honesty, I know a large part of me getting through those first awful months was Jenny's smile. I remember how much I looked forward to my monthly appointments with her. Yes, it was a long trek out there and driving did not sit well, but being able to spend a couple hours talking with Jenny was always worth it.
At one point both Jenny and Eileen (the backup midwife- also an amazing woman) came to our house to give me an IV because I was so dehydrated. They sat, told jokes, talked to me and sat there as I listened to my audio books. That's above and beyond prenatal care requirements if you ask me. Over and over and over, Jenny went high above my expectations.

During the birth, her coaching was instrumental in having the birth I did. Had she not been there I know we would have had a different outcome and experience. She helped me control my breathing, learn how to push effectively, not tear during delivery and so much more. I could go on and on. Jenny was a Godsend, literally. I know God brought her into our life for this season.

Jenny's care didn't end with the birth - she took us through 6 weeks of life. She went above and beyond during that time also. She helped with breastfeeding, swaddling, sleeping, and so much more. 

At one point, I was really struggling to get Gymnast to stop crying in the middle of the night. It was two in the morning. I had no idea what to do, so I called up Jenny. AT TWO IN THE MORNING! She picked up and even though I could hear how tired she was, she was still ready to serve without question. She helped me calm him down (OVER THE PHONE - that's super midwifery powers if you ask me!) and I was able to go back to sleep with my sleeping baby!

I was so sad to have to say bye to her at my last postnatal appointment. But, to my surprise she said this isn't bye, its just see you later! She continues to keep in touch with her clients.

Next baby, I am EXCITED to give birth. The labor is the easy part, being PREGNANT is the HAAARD part! :) If medically possible, we will definitely be doing a home birth again. I would want it no other way! And I'd search out Jenny from the ends of the earth! :)

Thank you, Jenny, for helping us welcome our precious Gymnast into the world. You will always hold a special and dear place in our family's heart and even more so in my own. <3