Catching up after a blogger nightmare

Firstly, I want to say I AM SO FRUSTRATED with the adding pictures component of using blogger on my phone. It seriously NEVER works. If anyone knows what to do to make it work please tell me. I'm currently using Mr. Barefoots computer, which is fine, I just don't like blogging when my kids are up because
1) they get into trouble more because I"m not watching them
2) I zone more into my blog and don't interact with them as well
3) I like interacting with my kids teaching and playing with them during the hours that God has given me to be with them each day.

So not only do I need to write on the computer now, but I had to download an app onto my phone to share my phone photos with the computer, download the photos, and then FINALLY write. All a total waste of time, but I suppose its important enough to me to spend this much time on it. I just wish I would have done this days ago, so I didn't waste HOURS, yes HOURS, on trying to get stupid blogger to work. UGH!

Once again this entry is a few days late as i had started it on Friday, but couldn't get pictures to load. So, this might be a long blog as i have a lot to update on!

It's been a busy few days here of playing,  walking, cleaning,  cooking, visiting....

Firstly,  I made a ton of dump freezer meals before Little Love came. I actually bought the e book from the New Leaf Wellness blog. (Get the e book here! ) seriously so so worth it!  I've made her free freezer meals before and those have always been easy to put together and yummy to eat. Pluses in my book.  So I went ahead and and bought her whole e book. Again,  TOTALLY worth it.
Anyways, it's been so great and easy pulling out the meals and getting then ready for dinner.  No prep just premade healthy meals.

So far I've done sausage and peppers (in a skillet over rice), chicken wild rice soup and then tonight was chilli. Oh sooo good.

I made fresh cornbread to go with it,  ground straight from my own unpopped popcorn. In the vitamix. ♡

For dessert I made a rhubarb crisp with fresh rhubarb mr barefoot picked from from the yard. We've got my sweet friend,  Auntie S visiting us this weekend who needs to eat gluten free because she has celiac, so I made it with oat flour instead of using wheat, right in the kitchen angel! Seriously, that thing is amazing.

Going back to a few blogs ago, when I Made almond milk and I used the blended leftover almond pulp to make almond flour... that's all done, and I keep it in the freezer so it doesn't go rancid. All I'll have to do when I need some is to take it out and whiz it up in the blender and I'll have delicious homemade almond flour! And I Can rest knowing that I didn't waste ANYTHING when I made my own almond milk, which by the way is still super delicious! I've been using it every day in my iced coffee. YUM!

Also, just a note on the MANY uses of the vitamix.. I don't buy preshredded cheese anymore. Technically I really didn't need to before but its so hard to my fingers (I have arthritis) to shred a full block, let alone the time it takes up. So i always bought the biggest bags of shredded cheese I Could find. But now I buy the blocks, and shred in the vitamix. FABULOUS money saver, and time saver. And then I portion into small bags and put them into the freezer to take out as we need them.

Every morning I wake up super light headed, blacking out and just feeling like I"m about to faint - sure sign my blood sugar is low, i need protein and CARBOHYDRATES! So, pretty much every morning I've been doing a solid S meal (talking THM again). an S meal is a meal full of fats but low in carbs. I've been making a few farm fresh eggs fried in butter. By the way, we've been getting our eggs from a local farmer, and let me tell you. Beautiful eggs from the farm put the "cage free organic free range" whatever crap the store sells to SHAME. The most expensive store bought egg has NOTHING on a fresh farm egg straight out a chicken's butt. Not only can we taste a difference but you can just see it. The egg yolk is almost ORANGE it's so yellow. The more orange a yolk is, the healthier the chicken was. Every egg we get from the farm is a deep beautiful orange, where as the eggs from the store are a very pale yellow. Generally I Have to choke them down now because I know how much I"m missing.
I then add a couple handfuls of bok choy, kale, and spinach from Mr Barefoots garden and fry that up. Usually I cut up a few onions from his garden as well and cook it all up together and that's my breakfast, along with my iced cold brew coffee, almond milk, collagen, and stevia.

A lot of people ask me how i get anything done all day. Well, firstly, what's your definition of "anything." You get done what your priority is, and sometimes thats just surviving.

For me, when we are at least surviving, its high priority to make healthy fresh meals for my family and over the years as I've leaned how important it is for Mr Barefoot to come home to a clean home, that's become more of a priority. Cleaning is definitely not on my priority list personally, so that's been a labor of love, but one that I've actually enjoyed getting better at as I find when my house is cleaner things go smoother, ESP in the kitchen, which then helps me be able to cook more healthy and do more int he kitchen, which IS a priority for me.
So, anyways, being that my priorities include lots of kitchen time, I do a LOT of baby carrying. And because Orangutan is still not super steady on her feet (Getting better every day!) and still thinks she's the baby of the family, I do a lot of tandem carry-ing. This was us last week at the grocery store, and this is what I do pretty much from about 3PM to 6PM as I'm working on getting dinner on the table. Little Love is resting but fussy enough she doesn't want to be on her own, and Orangutan is tired and ready for bed but I don't want to put her down for the night yet or down for a nap because if I did she wouldn't sleep super great at night.

So there you have it! :)

Next entry will be about our SURPRISE father's day BUSY weekend AND the kind of help that reaches down into a mother's heart and encourages her, so be excited for that!

Lukim Yu!