...four kids later...

If someone would have told me when I last wrote a blog entry here, that in just over three years I would have four kids, own our own house, have a garden, be canning produce from that garden in a hot water bath and a pressure canner, be be grinding my own wheat to make bread, making kombucha regularly, and all the other things that I have started doing, I probably would have laughed. Life has been a whirlwind, but a wonderful blessing of a whirlwind. I'm so thankful that I'm here, at four kids later...

There's been a couple things the past few days that have reminded me of when I used to keep a more regular blog, and that I really enjoyed it. One of my memories on Facebook that popped up was a post that I had made in my Facebook group "Joanna's Cooking Adventures." (Which was actually the precursor to creating this blog way back when.)
I went back looking at the different posts  I had made and remembered how much I enjoyed sharing my kitchen adventures with the few people that cared :-)

Also, one of my friends (who I've actually never met in person) began sharing posts from her blog (check her out at The Epic Housewife!) and her subject matter reminded me of my long lost blog. I think that if the Epic Housewife and I lived closer to each other we would be really good friends, but unfortunately she lives in Australia. I actually grew up with her husband on the the Big Island, and so I feel like I kind of know her even though I don't. But with technology these days -  Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, email and everything else, it's much easier to connect and have deeper relationships. It's a bit funny,  what goes on online with other moms -kind of like mom speed dating. Seriously,  how many mom's do you come into contact in a day via social media,  and then you only pursue a few.  Yep,  mom dating. If you don't mom date, you should.  I've met some of my best friends thru mom dating!

One of my successful mom date relationships with a friend who blogs at no I'm not Kim Possible, has become a dear friend. (she's at ....four kids later... too so her blog hasn't been visited much either, but you can still read her past posts and get your laughs in for the day.)

She was really just a distant acquaintance in college, but we reconnected after we both were married,  she had kids and I had the kid bug BAAAAD. like think checking yourself into the emergency room because the bug is so bad bad.  I wanted babies. Not Kim Possible and I began writing emails, texting,  doing bible studies together,  praying for each other and encouraging each other in this crazy life of MOM. 
I never thought I'd see her in "real life"  but a couple years into our mom dating, my sweet husband, Mister Barefoot, gave me a plane ticket to go see her as a Christmas gift! So truly, you never know where life will bring you.

Speaking of.....
Four Kids later...
I definitely didn't see that one coming. But Thank God,  he did.

Let me introduce my sweet little family. Although I guess we're probably not considered a little family anymore, based on the ridiculous numbers of people that have commented on it. ...

First there's Mister Barefoot,  my industrious, handsome, spiritual leading husband who's a wonderful daddy to my pikininis. He's barefoot,  in flipflops or slippers all year round.  And not necessarily during the seasons you'd expect. 
Then we have my Gymnast. My first born, my Anu Bop. He was my baby who never was a baby.  He was sitting at 3 months,  standing at 4, walking with furniture at 6 and walking independently at 8. He's constantly challenging my "no helicopter parenting" choice by doing flips on EVERYTHING,  somersaults, climbing up things he has no business even thinking about climbing on and just proving to me that there definitely is raw talent when it comes to sports and gymnast type things.
Then I've got Twinkles, my second born boy,  my Anu Nuk. His eyes twinkle with the most contagious joy, but also a very clear mischievousness. You never know when it will come out but more often than not you can expect it.  He's constantly going. He's a big mover, a big feeler, a big hugger and a big sleeper.
Then I have Orangutan.  My little red headed feisty Avi Mu. She is just as mischievous as Twinkles, if not more, but she hides it behind beautiful blue eyes and her just-like-daddy dimples. But you better watch out because she can be a firecracker!
Finally theres my Little Love, my Avi Seng.  She's three weeks old today.
Mmmmm, I'm loving this baby stage. I just love everything about her.  I'm pretty sure there's some kind of drug God put into the heads of babies because I LOVE SMELLING their heads.  If you could harvest that smell, put it in a bottle and sell it,  you'd be a billionaire.  I'd put it on all my kids forever.  Mmmmmmmmm ♡

And that's my family!

Well,  besides two tanks of very fertile guppies.  I am so thankful I'm not a guppy mama. They live a hard life getting pregnant every month,  deliveriy ten babies then getting knocked up again right after.  Not to mention we started with two females and one male and now we've had hundreds  (yes HUNDREDS) of guppies. So any one guppy could be a sister,  mom,  auntie,  grandma and who knows what else to the same other guppy. I guess guppies don't have issues with gene mutations....

Thank you Jesus, that you chose NOT to make me a guppy mama.

I'm not making any promises about how many blogs I'll write in a week or a month because, well ..... four kids later....
But I enjoy writing.  I think it's a little bit of self care I learned about during my post partum depression with Orangutan. Self care is good. No its GOOOOOD. do it,  get it,  make it a priority.  Then you can be a better mom. And wife. And persin. I  promise.

So,  to sum it up.

1. ....Four kids later...
2. Mom dating. Do it.
3. My family is the best.
4. Thank you Jesus I'm not a guppy
5. No promises
6. SELF CARE!!  ♡

Lukim yu nex taim!
- The Islands Girl 👣🌴🌺