I just have to say....

I DID IIIIIIIT! Five baskets of laundry have been staring at me for days.

(I'm ignoring the fact that I have anther basket worth in my dryer, and another load in my washing machine, and about three more loads to do sitting in various bags and piles around the house and a load of cloth diapers...)

I folded and put away aaaaall the laundry (4 baskets regular clothes and one basket cloth diapers).

In. One. Morning.

You can applaud now.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

If you don't understand why I'm demanding applause, you must not be a mom.

Sometimes I wonder why I cloth diaper. I mean,  it's an extra huge basket of clothes twice a week if not more, to fold and put away.  JUST TO GET DIRTY AGAIN.  It's enough  to make you longlong.

 I mean,  look at that.  That whole basket IS JUST DIAPERS from about three days.  Ayo. I'm crazy. Wacky wonky bonky crazy. Disposables are SO MUCH EASIER.

But.... then I fold a little newborn diaper like this and I remember why I cloth diaper.

And then I remember that I about choke every time I buy disposables online. I only buy when they're on sale and I get 20% extra off with Amazon subscribe and save, and amother 5% back with my Amazon credit card, so I never pay more Than 25$ for a "months supply of diapers" (it varies how many diapers in a months supply based on size). I hardly ever pay more than 20. Usually it's 15-18 or so.   

I do buy disposables for when the kids are babysat or in the nursery at church or if we go on trips etc.  And for when we have a new baby,  because it's just too hard to keep up on washing when I'm in bed recovering from the marathon of becoming a mother, again.

So back to $. $15-18 a month for one kid.

Now THAT'S crazy. What if I didn't cloth diaper? That would be 15$ (assuming I could get them that cheap every time which I know isn't true) every month times 3. Cuz Gymnast is out of diapers now.... So every month ... 15×3. That's $45 every month,  times 12. I don't even know what that is  but 45 times ten is $450, which is ALREADY WAY TOO MUCH MONEY.  that's like,  a plane ticket to some foreign country!  Every year! Or a weekend away with Mr barefoot at a bed and breakfast.  Or OVER a months budgeted  amount for groceries.

Not only that,  but I can't get images of PILES, and I mean skyscraper piles, of dirty diapers sitting in land fills not decomposing.  Just giant nasty piles of whatever diapers are made of,  sitting and sitting.  And leaching into the soil.  And into the air.  And being there for GENERATIONS.


THAT'S why I cloth diaper. And honestly,  I've been doing it for so long now, it's really not that bad.  Yeah,  you you have to spray poop off, and you have to wash them, like six times, and you have to stuff them, and put them away. Buuuut..... I have to wash ridiculous amounts of laundry AND fold ridiculous amounts of laundry anyways. What's one extra basket a couple times a week especially if I'm saving 450 plus dollars a year? 

Yeah I'll take the spray off poop, and washing extra clothes, just so that I can keep my mouth closed and not have a heart attack when I see the price of how much I could be spending on disposables.

And, they're just so cute.  Putting cute designed butts on my kids,  so they can waddle around . I just LOVE it.  I'm just getting back into it after recovering from delivering Little Love.  And I'm so excited!

I need to get back to my cloth wipes. I seriously hate using disposable wipes with cloth diapers. Drives me nuts.

Speaking of nuts.  I made this THM friendly FP (fuel pull -which in meal form is one that has no carbs or fat,  just protein) peanut butter.  Basically pb on its own has too much fat in it to use anywhere in an E meal (high carb low fat meal). But,  when I use defatted peanut flour,  MCT oil and a little salt -yuuuum. FP peanut butter.

Then I dipped apple slices into it.

Heavenly ♡

With the leftover in my vitamix  (cuz of course I made the THM pb in my kitchen angel..) I made a FP peanut butter almond milk chocolate shake  (using cocoa powder and stevia). Delicious. Scrumptious.  Amazing .

K, bye!