I'm just going to do a list of everything that's gone on in this ridiculously crazy week. Because I don't have time to explain any of it. My life is a time sucking vortex. I don't even know where it goes. But it just goes down some deep dark tunnel somewhere never to be seen again.

1. Chocolate Waffles for breakfast. Seriously, it tastes like you're eating chocolate   cake for breakfast. These were from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I'll be making these again, so good!

2.The Vitamix makes a fantastic filler to fill my popsicle molds with. I put whatever we happen to have that needs to be used up into smoothies for the kids. Whether that's  fruit past the point of enjoying it fresh. Or vegetables or whatever else. This time I had a bunch of carrots that were getting old and I needed to cook them but we weren't going to be able to finish them all. So I steamed and dumped and Blended a whole bunch up with some dates, a banana, some mango, I don't even know what else. Whatever I can find and then I pour into popsicle molds. And the kids love them! :-) they have no idea how many vegetables they're eating :-)

 3. Instant pot and electric pressure cookers are amazing as I've said before. One of them is making yogurt, and one of them is steaming carrots from above. I had also just finished making a freezer meal in it too. Easy!

 4. Grandpas are the best.  Enough said.

 5. Made another two loaves of fermented no knead bread. So easy. Baked up beautiful and then in the freezer for later use!

6. Instant pot makes the best hard boiled eggs,  ones you can peel with ONE HAND.  Need I say more.....?

 7. I get things done only because my kids play outside in the cars,bikes, strollers etc while eating Popsicles.

8. While kids were outside in above picture, I pumped milk for Orangutan. I'm awesome. And a cow.

9. Hard boiled eggs from IP, with homemade Greek yogurt,  dill, salt and pepper, garlic and a little mustard for egg salad. I'm seriously not eating enough.  Need to figure out this trim healthy mama nursing two babies thing.  I ravenous 90% of the time!

10. Boys got a bug catcher. So they found flies, spiders and centipedes to put in it and then wanted to feed them a banana.  Mmmhmm. I keep it up high on the counter now, taped shut because I learned the hard way what happens if I don't

11. Gross. But hey, if they want a fly pet, they can have a fly pet.

12. Making Greek yogurt -straining the whey!

13. Lemon juice to make probiotic lemonade with the whey...

14. Everything gets used!  Lemon skins into vinegar to infuse to get a great concentrated cleaner

15. Here's the lemonade sitting outside
with the whey to ferment a bit and get fizzy.
and the compost bucket.  Yep,  we compost.

 16. Made play dough for the kids.  Green,  red and orange.

17. The Reeses pb cake is now all gone. Yum. 

18. I got organic strawberries at the discount store for 2.99/2lbs so I bought 12 pounds and made low sugar jam.  Actually only used 10 lbs because we gave 2lbs to a man on the road asking for help.  Try explaining why he doesn't have a house to your three year old.  Hard and sad. Gymnast asked if the big bad wolf blew it down. And then he said if it rains he doesn't have a house to go to, or clean clothes to change into. so humbling.
 I'm thankful that I have kids who care about the people on the street, and want to help them. I was able to talk to Mr Jerry, and he told me that he knows Jesus and he's ready for his maker. An encouraging talk while waiting for The light to turn green.

19. Little love wasn't very happy while I was coring berries,  so into the bilum she went.  Right to sleep.
Look at her.  So adorable!

20. Recipe said to smash berries. Nope .I vitamixed them.

21. Went to our farmer to get milk. And saw the baby cows. Kids loved them!

22. They got to pet them and let the cows lick their hands. The giggles ♡♡♡

23. Then we found a butterfly who wasnt flying so gave him some sugar water and let him rest.  After nap he was gone!

24. Then I actually canned the jam

25. Dessert. Yum. Homemade Greek yogurt with strawberries swirled in. This is expensive store bought but pennies if made at home!

26. I love the ping sound. Joy to my ears!

27. I don't love the mess. Tell me,  how can the kitchen be clean hours before and now this.

And this
And this
And this

28. I made sugar free freezer jam with bluberries. Just used gelatin. Didn't follow a recipe so we'll see. Even the sugar amount in low sugar jelly is atrocious so I decided to try this.... we'll see if it's more like jam or syrup

29. The pink playdough is the favorite right now.  And I updated the craft table. Out with the markers and paint and in with the playdough and stamps!

30. And lastly Little Love is one month!

Lukim yu!