Corona Blogging

Well hello again long lost blogging world! 

I suppose many people are digging out their blog from the cobwebs and dust bunnies of the computer realm, so this maybe is no surprise. I have suddenly found myself with loads of time (uh, no) and am bored (that's a lie too.) 

Actually, I just really enjoy writing and have been so busy with ... LIFE ... that I haven't put blogging up as a priority. Its still really not a priority, but with everything going on in the world right now, it seems like an ok time to start it back up again - even if its just for me to look back on in a few years when this is (hopefully)all behind us. 

Also maybe the social interaction of a blog will help my suffering extroverted self cope a bit better... until I can actually look into someone's real eyes less than 6 feet from them and not over a computer screen. I mean, I'm thankful for all the ways we can connect, but sometimes you just need to reach out and touch someone, ya know? Maybe that's just me, i'm kind of a touchy person.. that friend who hugs you when you never wanted a hug, or touches your arm and you feel like it was super awkward..... uh huh. If that's not your kind of person, maybe stay away from me once this social distancing thing lifts...

It was fun looking back at the posts I made in 2018 and before. Not a lot has changed family wise, besides the ages of my crew. We are all a couple years older!

My handsome husband gets sexier with each year - so there's that. We were able to get away last weekend on a walk all by our lonesome selves - much needed. I so value our time alone together. 

And our pikininis are all growing up! I am finding that I'm loving this season of not having a newborn or under 1 year old!

Quick recap:
 Gymnast is STILL a gymnast. In fact just yesterday I was shocked at how well he can do hand stands, back flips and front flips. Note to self - get him into gymnastics after all this is done...He's also loving art these days and its been so fun seeing his creative side come out. He is really into drawing pictures now. A few days ago we had a "window Grandma visit" and he made a huge stack of these "I love Grandma SOOOO much" notes for her. We stacked them under a rock outside our porch for her to pick up. Oh.. these just melt my heart <3

Then there's Twinkles.. oh Twinkles. He is a man of emotions. BIG emotions. His eyes twinkle when he's happy, you can feel the sadness when he's broken, see the lightning bolts when he's mad.... it's been a joy and challenge helping him learn how to express those emotions in socially appropriate ways and telling him over and over.. just because you WANT to hit someone doesn't mean you can.... Or ... I know you want to kiss your friend but you really need to ask first because not everyone kisses each other when they want to say "bye" or "hello" or "I like you" or ... anything else. 
He also loves coloring and is really good at it considering he's only newly 4. His latest picture is one of my favorites - the rainbow horse.

Then there's Orangutan.. She doesn't really have red hair anymore. She (yes, she) chopped half of it off about 6 months ago, and it finally grew out enough last week for me to even everything out in a VERY short bob. But I think with the cut, the last of the red disappeared. Maybe in the sun there's still a red glare but not like it used to be. That's ok :) 

She LOVES the color pink, and told me she would like a pink flamingo for her birthday coming up which she OFTEN reminds me she will be THREE! Yep - can you believe she'll be 3? I can't.

Then there's Little Love. She's definately still my Little Love, but she's brought in about 50 and a little more gallons of spunk to go along with it. I've heard of moms talk about that one kid who made them learn about praying... yeah, that would be Little Love. I thought I knew about parenting until her. She is going to be the one to make me pull my hair and eyelashes out. But she is just perfect for our family and we adore the life she brings to us. 

We are in our first official year of homeschooling. That was an unexpected change but I'm finding that I love it. Having the schools shut down gave me a taste of full homeschooling and again, I'm finding that I'm LOVING it and am so excited to continue with it. 
The only difficult part is having to do speech therapy distance learning with Orangutan and Twinkles. I'd much prefer in person, but I'm thankful for our wonderful speech pathologists who are doing their best in this difficult time. 

So that's a quick recap. The quick gets longer and longer with the more kids you have, ya know. So it was kind of long, but actually really was quick ;)

I am still in the kitchen a lot. I find that my cooking is less for fun though and more for necessity now. I just don't have the time like I used to to try all kinds of new recipes, make sushi, or fried calamari. I use my time in the kittchen to get meals made for us, wash dishes and try to keep it out of the pig sty zone. I'm not always succesful. I'm thankful I have a husband who is very gracious. 

My business "Traditon's Kitchen" has been put on hold. I still would love to start it up again officially in a few years but the timing hasn't been right. I still do occasional consults but am very limited in what I offer. 

Tonight, the girls and I were able to make some muffins - walnut banana muffins with freshly ground hard white wheat berries and rolled oats. I still use my Vitamix nearly every day as well as my Instant Pot, although I am now on my second pot as I used my first until it quit working. Sad day. 

I've also dug out my old "The Perfect 10 Diet" book. This is the way of eating where the idea is to eat to balance your hormones. My blogging journey really started with documenting my journey through Perfect 10. Perhaps some of you remember that facebook page? I think it was called something like "Cooking Adventures with Joanna?" Over the last few years, my hormones have definately needed balancing. From post partum depression to not sleeping to getting pregnant at 2 months postpartum and more... my hormones have been all over the place. I'm nearly 2 years post partum now from having Little Love and I feel like things are finally starting to balance out. But, I want to give it a push in the right direction. I've decided to do a 90 day challenge of exercise and Perfect 10 eating! Today was Day 2 of my work out challenge but Day 1 of Perfect 10. So maybe day 2 of the challenge? Except I'm doing a 3 week cleanse of sorts where I'm basically eating paleo, JUST for 3 weeks thank goodness! 
One of the things I love about Perfect 10 is the idea of tapered meals. So breakfast is the largest meal of the day, lunch is medium and dinner is the smallest. This is very natural for me.

 This morning I had a large breakfast of eggs and veggies, lunch was a big salad full of greens, vegetables, browned ground turkey, and a quick dressing I made with some avocado mayonaise, cilantro and lime juice.
Dinner was a small piece of salmon sprinkled with lemon juice and pepper and a pile of sauteed spinach and mushrooms. 

I find when I'm eating enough fat, I don't crave the carbs my children need to be filling up on (like tonight's dinner of spaghetti, bananas and corn.) Thats another part of the P10 Diet that I love - FATS! I feel like this was the precursor to the ever popular "Faster Way to Fat Loss" without the longer fasting overnight. You really focus on macronutrients and how important each one is to supporting your horomones.

So, what exactly will I be sharing about you ask? I think my whole journey of blogging has been very fluid. I just write about whatever is going on in my life and whatever I feel like sharing on, plus glimpses into my past. Today I was chatting with a friend on facebook about my memories of being attacked by a Papuan Hornbill under my house in Yemli village. I was also thinking about my wonderful time scuba while in PNG (I got my license when I was 10, almost 20 years ago!) as I was reading a scuba book to the kids. So maybe I'll share more about those in the future. 

But for now, its just Corona blogging - social distancing, homeschooling, food, kids... the norm. 

Until next taim, lukim yu!