Day 2

Day 2 of P10! I woke up this morning STARVING! Which is good! Since my smallest meal was dinner, I had less in my belly to get me through the night. But again, that's good! I remember last time I went through this phase It took just 3 or 4 days and my energy was crazy, I was sleeping great and feeling amazing. I wouldn't say I feel amazing yet... but I know its coming.

This morning was a typical P10 Phase 1 meal for me. 3 eggs, cooked in about half a T of butter, and a combination of veggies cooked in water and then fried in about 3/4 of a T of butter. That's one serving of fat, about 2 servings of veggies, and 1/3 of a serving of protein. I know... 3 eggs are only ONE THIRD of a serving of protein! 
So, I add in my lovely green tea (important to start the day with a warm drink - totally my groove.) A splash of milk (full fat ONLY on P10 no matter what stage, but in Stage 1 you're supposed to limit it, but I still use a splash in my drinks.) And a packet of Monk Fruit sweetener, plus a scoop of collagen powder - which gets me closer to a full serving of protein. 
And to finish off my breakfast - a small apple from my Imperfect Produce Box. I'll do a review on that in a different post. I love that in general, the fruit and vegetable sizes are smaller (that's why they are often "imperfect") and so they fit into a correct serving size better.
So my final count for breakfast is:
*1 serving protein
*3 servings vegetables and fruit
*1 serving fat

For my "medium" frame - I'm aiming for:
*2-3 servings of protein per day (3 if I work out, 2 if its an easier work out)
*6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables/day - I generally try to stay with 1 serving of fruit but cut it off at 2. After I'm done with Phase 1 (3 weeks) then I might add in another serving of fruit but we will see.
*3 servings of fat
*As far as dairy is concerned - make sure its full fat ALWAYS. and then you can do up to 8 oz of yogurt, whole milk... i think its a couple tablespoons of heavy cream..? 

But the thing I really like about P10 is it's not a measure EXACTLY type lifestyle. I think if you were trying to lose a lot of weight or you were working with a dietician or doctor to balance your hormones it would be more importantn to be exact but I'm not trying to lose a bunch of weight and I've already  worked with a whole team of doctors, dieticians and chiropractors to balance my hormones. I have gotten really good at listening to my body and knowing when something is off or when it's getting "better." And right now, It's getting better!

So that's just a few basics of the P10 Diet. Again the main idea of the "diet" is to eat to balance your main 10 hormones and get them into top functioning order to improve EVERYTHING about your life. My main two hormones I know are wacky are estrogen and progesterone but I'm sure the others are affected as a result of those two being off.

The kids woke up this morning to a drizzly wet day - which is hard as I usually send them out first thing as it gets warmer. So instead they ran around the kitchen and then we played "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho." Always fun at 6:45 in the morning...

Then we utilized some of the stickers Grandma M graciously gifted us with yesterday (let's be honest, it was a gift to me more than the kids during these lockdown times.... THANK YOU FOR STICKERS!!!) It's fun seeing how each of the kids use them. 

Gymnast made a scene and then explained it to me - the hearts are there because everyone loves each other, and the star with the heart in it is the mama star who loves everyone the best. Of course that means I love everyone the best too, right? ha - yeah right. I'm thankful the mama in his picture is loving even though i so often fail to show them the love they deserve. Again - only by the Lords grace! 

Twinkles wanted all the sparkly stickers and Orangutan and Little Love just put the stickers on wherever they happened to land after the stick was revealed.  Then Gymnast and Twinkles wanted to add glitter.. another gift from Grandma M - this one I'm not so sure was for me HA! They love it though. We succesfully glittered a couple of their pictures a few days ago and it wasn't as glittery big bang as I thought it would be.

And now we are taking "nap time" on the bean bags... and its only 7:43. Lord, help me get through this day ;) He does, every day. 

And honestly, I love these days. Playing, learning, exploring with the kids all day long. Seeing them interact and play with each other.... I love being a Mom and wife ❤