Sundays look quite a bit different now that we are all social distancing. I am so very thankful that we are still meeting with our fellowship - it's just all virtual. But its still encouraging and filled with the Holy Spirit, solid teaching and encouragment. 
We are currently going through a "Psalms Series" and it has been so fitting. If you're looking for some uplifting teaching, let me know and I would be happy to share the link to our church where you can hear the sermons as well!

This week we learned about Psalm 23. It is such a well known Psalm that at least for me, I often gloss over it. Some of those more well known verses and chapters in the Bible get sort of skipped because they are SO WELL KNOWN. In my mind as I'm reading them, the "thinking" portion of my mind kind of turns off because it is so well known, so it was a blessing spending time in this Psalm. One of the things that really encouraged me was the focus on what the "rod and staff" do for a shepherd and how that applies to the Lord's guiding us as well. (interested in how that is? listen to the sermon!)
The elder also spoke about when David may have written this Psalm in his life - when Absalom was coming after him. It was very interesting hearing how David may have felt during this Psalm. So - if you're not plugged into a church during this time and looking for something, let me know! I'll get you a link! I think you'll be encouraged by our small but strong fellowship.

It was a beautiful day and so the kids were able to sit outside while we listened to the sermon inside. It's always nice having a bit of "peace" while focusing on Scripture and teaching. It has been one of the nice things about church at home. Rather than the kids being confined to a chair and me focusing on keeping them quiet I can focus a bit more on the teaching.

The rest of the day was filled with the normal. I try to take a break on weekends - but usually it ends up being on Saturday instead of Sunday. Sunday is the day before "back to normal" so I have to catch up on the laundry, chores, dishes etc so that when I'm single parenting again while Mr.Barefoot is at work things go easier AND we can homeschool first thing in the morning instead of after everything gets cleaned up. 

The boys have really been into "trash" sculptures and in general recycling what others consider "trash." This is Gymnast's sculpture and I had to ban him from using leftover food because the food will rot. I appreciate his desire to reuse EVERYTHING. Time to really discuss the benefits of composting. I need to Pinterest mini compost experiments where we can actually watch compost turn to dirt  - has anyone done that?

Lunch today was a turkey burger with a little cheese melted on top - my protein and fat. Wrapped in a lettuce leaf "bun" and veggies instead of chips. (In PNG you call "fries" chips and I find myself falling into that off and on again.) I also had an "Ugly Produce" apple.

So lunch was:
*2 servings fruit/vegetables
*1 serving protein
*1 serving fat (the cheese)
*bit of dairy

The kids had homemade peanut butter and jelly, grapes and cheese - all on the kapo!
I love seeing all the kids choose their special spots. Gymnast is up on the railing there. Twinkles went down behind the railing to look for sampela liklik ston with his lunch. Orangutan was in the hammock so her lunch was underneath it and Little Love put hers by the trampoline so she wouldn't miss out on any needed jumps (believe me, they ARE needed!)

Then the girls went down for their naps (at one point I went in to remind them that it was QUIET time and upon opening the door Orangutan was standing on the diaper bin, singing at the top of her lungs while watching herself in the mirror. It was one of those times that I almost wanted to tip toe back out and let her keep it up - but .... quiet time...and parenting...)

While they napped I cleaned the dishes, swept and had the boys clean their room.Then on to prepping dinner!
Tonight chicken dumpling soup was on the menu but FIRST I needed to make the broth. In comes one of my best kitchen friends - the Instant Pot! 

I threw in a chicken carcass I had in my freezer with a carrot, half an onion, a broccoli stem and a bunch of fresh parsley. Normally I would add in some celery, maybe some potato skins but we're running low on fresh veggies right now so I made do with what I had! I also threw in a lime. It adds just a little perfect zing! The acid also helps pulls the superfood marrow out of the bones.

Then turned it onto high pressure for 4 hours. I ended up letting the pressure out at about 3 hours but good enough. Strained out the veggies and chicken, added in some chicken breasts and chopped up some broccoli, carrots and onions and added everything in. I also added in some frozen peas. Kukim kukim kukim.... Once the kakaruk was semi done, I strained it out and chopped it into smaller pieces and then added it back in. 
Now for the polom  or dumplings. Easy recipe of flour, baking powder, salt and milk - mix it up and then I used my Pampered Chef one tablespoon scoop to dump the dumplings in!

This beautiful bowl of comfort food showed up and as Gymnast said "My favorite part of the soup is the white things!" :) Turned out yummy! 
I was even responsible and took out some soup before adding in the dumplings( (no grains right now!) and added in a whole zucchini. I did miss the dumplings but it was still delicious. 

So today's final food count was:
*8 servings vegetables/fruit
*3 servings protein
*3 servings fat
*probably a full serving of dairy after I added everything together - cheese and some whole milk in my cups of green tea

Today was a success!

Do your Sundays look different now that we are all quarantined?