Sunny Learning

I love the sun. I love how it brightens up the day, how it brings warmth (I REALLY like this part), how it makes water play fun, how it tans your skin, how it makes you sweat.....

Mi laikim san stret! (I LOVE THE SUN!)

If I could somehow trap the sun and keep it as a pet without burning up, I would. It's seriously my best friend. We're ignoring the fact that it would murder me. Kind of like Olaf the Snowman being best friends with Summer....

After growing up on the equator, I just can't ever quite get warm enough! Mr. Barefoot says I have different blood than him, and I believe it. Even my kids are fine outside, basically naked in freezing weather (for me that's anything under 50 degrees F.) In the winter, if the door gets opened, I struggle to stay warm the rest of the day. That's EVEN WITH it being closed right away. I just lose all my stored heat. It's awful. 

So, whenever it starts to get nice out and the sun comes out we get outside as much as we can. I'm still longing for those 90+ degree days where you go outside and sit and sweat and feel like the sun is burning a hole in your skin... yeah.... that's love Baby...

Okay enough daydreaming. I hope those days are coming soon - I feel like I got shorted last summer!

This week we had some wonderful SUN days - a day where we could be outside and actually feel the sun's warmth. I hate those winter days where the sun is out but when you go outside thinking it's going to be WARM, its actually FREEZING. 

Anyways -  Thursday's SUN day meant school outside!
Gymnast has been getting longer and longer word lists. We've been reviewing the letter "i" and he has been having a little trouble with some of the words that start with "D" or "B" that are followed with an "i." So words like "dig" or "big" or "bill." So I made him a list of "trouble" words and brought out the M&Ms. That always helps with motivation, right? ;)

We had lunch outside too. Any chance I can get them outside for meals I do. It means less clean up for me! No wiping tables, sweeping up food - easy! The kids have really enjoyed choosing their own spot to eat outside. I find it so interesting where they choose to sit. Sometimes they are up on the deck, on the railing of the deck, in the hammock .. but Thursday they decided to eat down on the cement by their chalk drawings. Whatever rocks their boat.

Thursday was also garden tilling day! Grandpa Yes came over and him and Mr. Barefoot got our garden all ready! I get so excited when the weather gets nice enough to get the garden going. it means fresh produce, canning, dehydrating and SO MUCH deliciousness! <3 I love that I have a garden loving husband.
We also went to our first farmer's market of the season. I'm so thankful these are considered essential during these times. It's so important we support our farmers. We purchased from our "own" farmer. They really aren't our own, but we go to the same church as they do and I really want to support them during this time as we can. So - we went straight to their booth. I wish I could have gotten a picture of my 4 kids all holding  hands trailing behind me - one without shoes. 

I don't even know how we managed to leave the house without getting her shoes on, but we did. So - there we were -  a Wakatik and 4 pikininis walking along like a Mama and her 4 ducks in a row. <3

I got 2 dozen eggs (aren't they just beautiful!?), some radishes (one of Mr. Barefoots' favorite vegetables) and a mini blueberrie pie. Yum!

If you're local to the cities and want to support a farm, check out Ruter Farm Produce! They will get you what you need and send you off with a smile!

How do you spend your sunny days?