Technology Woes

I cannot say that technology is my favorite. I appreciate it but I really would rather throw it all out the window and deal face to face. But especially now, technology is the only way to deal "face to face."
Along those lines, I've decided to try to keep my blog up to date on a more "regular" basis. Every time I do more writing, I get multiple people who comment or message or tell me that they really enjoy reading what I have to say and wish I did it more (what? really?! Thats pretty humbling ❤)

I do really enjoy writing and it gives me a creative outlet without the demand like Tradition's Kitchen did. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching others how to cook and I loved my time having my own business, and I still would love to do it again "full time" some day, but its just not the right time anymore.

 If you're new to my life and have no idea what Tradition's Kitchen is - it was a business venture I started a couple years ago of teaching others traditional cooking.

I still do a little on the side, but I realized I just don't have the time or the heart to charge what I should to keep it going right now. (Childcare for 4 kids 5 and under is NOT cheap and my target audience is moms who DON'T have $40+ to spend on an evening of learning.) On a related note, if you want some tips and tricks from when I was actively promoting it, head over to my facebook page Tradition's Kitchen. I have some tutorials and information there you might find interesting. 

Also, if you find you really need help in the kitchen and would like a one on one consult, let me know as well and we can chat about if its something I feel I can take on or not.

Anyways back to NOW. Technology. This blog. I had one woman ask me how she could subscribe to my blog. I realized I didn't have a subscribe button. So then I had to figure out how in the world I could add a subscribe button. I figured it out, but then realized that it didn't show up on the mobile version. Cue pulling out my hair and I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!!! So then I had to figure out how to add it onto the mobile version. 

FINALLY! Just look at that beautiful Subscribe button!😍

So NOW you can actually subscribe to my blog :) please do! 😀
Now I am working on linking the blog to my facebook page...

Again Technology. Ugh. 

I was telling my boys this morning when they asked why I didn't know it was going to rain today, "Wakatik didn't grow up looking at the weather for the next week. We just looked out the window or at the sky to see what the weather was like that moment... and that was it. And habits die hard." Mr. Barefoot gave me an approving nod. I love that man and how he loves me and has learned how to help me thrive.

Sometimes I forget I can look at the weather ahead. Sometimes I forget that I'm supposed to carry a cellphone with me everywhere. Sometimes I forget I don't need to put my pasta in a plastic bag to keep the bugs from eating it. I grew up in a tropical rainforest on the equator for 19 years. Habits die hard, if ever.

Another technology win... Orangutan has speech therapy once a week, as does Twinkles. Up to this point I've been using my phone. I don't have a huge phone and while it works, I wish the screen would be bigger for my kids. I tried downloading the Google Meet App on my Amazon Tablet but ayoo no inap. I don't 'really get why but something with Amazon and Google not on the same diwai... (tree for you non Tok Pisin speakers)
So I had to figure out if it was even possible to get Google Meet on my Amazon thing. Well, guess what? It is! AAAAANNNNDD!! I did it! :) And now Google Meet is installed on my Amazon Fire AND I can download ANY Google App from the Google Play store. 

I feel pretty accomplished, especially since it rained ALL day and let me tell you, 4 kids trapped in a 1500 foot house (actually just the upstairs of a 1500 foot house.... so maybe a 1100 or 1000 or even less foot house) is HARD. 

Thank you Jesus that the sun is finally out. Their rain jackets are soaked from me kicking them out multiple times today. And the entry way is a mess. But it's ok. Outside time is GOOD time. I'll stay up late cleaning and mopping tonight. All in a days work. For a mom. And I love it.

But guess what. With the rain, AAALLLL the "snakes" are gonna be out.  You can read about the snakes here. Little Love is gonna be HAMAMAS STRET!  :)