A Walk down Memory Lane

Guess what today is? It's a pretty big deal....

Today is my 100th post! 



Yeah, crazy I know. I saw that on my dashboard today and I thought how in the world could I have found enough stuff to say for 100 posts? 

But apparently, I did.. It was fun taking a little stroll down memory lane :) I've learned a lot since starting back in 2013. I'm thankful for the journey this blog has brought me on.

I thought to commemorate 100 posts I would dig up some old links from my or my readers favorite posts and share them with you.

So here's 14 of my best posts for you to read through and let me know what you think! 


1. I apparently wrote a lot more about time in Papua New Guinea before, and it was fun revisiting as ples bilong mi (my home). Here you can read about Ukarumpa, which was one of the places I called home in PNG.

2. I found a journal entry of mine from when I was nine and thought it was so funny that I spent my time making up stories. I think it may have been the beginning of my writing journey. You can read that journal entry here.

3. More chatter about home - again I really enjoyed going back and reading these. I hope you do too! You can read about my memories here.

4. Not every memory I have is great from Papua New Guinea. Here I share one of the more traumatic.

5. My older brother has always been an important person in my life. Probably most little sisters feel like that about their bigger brother. I was processing a move he was making here.

6. One of the things Mr. Barefoot and I love to do is go camping. This entry is one of our favorite camping memories! We are hoping to take our whole family on a similar camping trip soon!

7. A lot of people have asked me about the food in Papua - I share about some of that here.

8. Here's some of the possibly not as easily digested meals for you to munch on. ;)

9. Most people who I have met since having kids don't know that I'm an artist at heart. Most people pick up on my love for music, crafting etc, but don't know that I used to do a lot of painting. I would love to get back into it, but the season isn't right now. I share here about my studio when I was more actively involved with painting.

10. Here's another camping trip Mr. Barefoot and I went on pre-kids, this one to the North Shore for my 23rd birthday! Seems ages ago!

11. I've always enjoyed writing humorous entries - I like making people laugh. This is one that I got great feedback from. Hopefully you'll get some laughs too!

12. Mr. Barefoot and I chose to have homebirths with our babies - and here is right after our first! I share about the midwife we used, and why (we used the same woman with each of our babies). If we ever got pregnant again, I still woudln't hesitate to approach Jenny about helping us through Baby 5. (That is not an announcement ;) )

13. This was our "Babymoon" trip, even though we didn't know it would be at the time. We had so much fun going to Peru. I stated at the bottom I would share Part 2 - yeah that never happened since I got pregnant and then had severe HG (bad morning sickness, think puking all day long every day). But maybe I'll dig up those pictures and see if I can write a Part 2 finally!

14. Lastly, here is my post on cloth diapering and why we began it in the first place, and why even after 4 kids, I'm still cloth diapering!

Well, there you have it. Your own stroll down memory lane with me!