Is that really a picture of a fly on a plate??!

Published on 10 April 2013 at 08:09

The answer is simply… YES! 

Why would I start off my blog with a picture of flies sitting in a bowl, getting their nasty poopy feet all over my delicious yummy food?! Hopefully you weren’t eating, because you probably are not anymore.

There really is no reason I put that picture up, except that its pretty gross, but at the same time, pretty darn cool because those are flies that I took a picture of! And, this picture was taken on our honeymoon in Belize at a very nice resort. Great how those flies can get in anywhere, no matter how many stars a resort has. These little flies sitting on bowl brought back beautiful memories of Papua New Guinea and the flies that sit on everything and anything they can get their feet on. Hopefully flies can evoke a better feeling out of you now that you know they brought smiles to my face…

Since it seems like everyone and their tumbuna are writing blogs these days, I thought Mi wantaim ya! So, here we go! There are many things I find fascinating, interesting, silly, and downright hilarious about this new culture I find myself immersed in. In this blog, I simply will write about them, about my life, about my fabulous husband, and our adventures, and you are MORE than welcome to join along on my ramblings and exciting discoveries!

One of the most difficult things I have had to learn while being in the US is American’s constant use of idioms. Now, an idiom is when you say one thing that sounds like it means one thing, but in reality means something totally different! Complicated huh? For example, if I were to say “Look! Its raining cats and dogs!” one would stare out the window and expect to see cats and dogs falling out of the sky and onto the ground. But, NO! When one says its raining cats and dogs, it really means its raining very hard. Go figure.

Another example that affected me recently..

The other day my husband and I had my nanny family over for dinner. It was about time for them to meet my dashing husband. My nanny kids had heard all kinds of wonderful stories and they were dying to meet him. In preparation for their coming, the mom and I were joking about all the things that could go wrong. The mom said, “Probably as soon as we walk in the door, my husband will stick his foot in his mouth!”

What?! How can a grown man stick his foot in his mouth?! That is preposterous! It almost sounds as silly as Jesus telling Nicodemus he had to be born again.. except this wasn’t Jesus telling me, it was my nanny mom. What the heck does it mean? I went on to learn that it doesn’t literally mean stick your foot in your mouth, but rather say something stupid! What the heck?!

I still giggle every time I think about a grown man sticking his foot in his mouth.

Until next time…..


Tok Pisin Words and Phrases of the Day

Tumbuna – grandparent or relative older than your mom

Mi wantaim ya – Me too! Adding ya helps add more umph to the me too – meaning REALLY me too!


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