Girls Day!

Published on 21 May 2020 at 13:52

Every Friday, Grandpa Yes picks up the boys for a "day away." Growing up without grandparent intraction, I love that my kids get to have a close relationship with at least one grandparent. Grandpa Yes has been a blessing to us in so many ways and has shown me many times what it looks like to be a supportive and loving parent. I'm so thankful for him!

Side note - why is he Grandpa Yes?

A few months ago, the kids and I needed to pick up something from his house. I asked the kids if they wanted to ask Grandpa to go on a picnic with us. The immediate enthusiastic answer was "YES!!"

Then Gymnast said "I think Grandpa will say yes, because he always says yes."

There ya go. Grandpa Yes.


Anyways - this past Friday Grandpa Yes took the boys.


As is normal now, us girls have a DAY! We do "girly" things like painting nails, have tea parties and read girly princess books (by the way - none of those things are ONLY girl things... my boys LOVE tea parties and read lots of princess books too! I just don't remind the girls of that on our GIRLS DAY.)


This time, I also let Orangutan play with some makeup. She was OVER THE MOON.

Be sure to check out real technique below!

We also painted our fingernails AND toenails. The girls have begun to ask for this as soon as the boys leave. This time Orangutan chose two seperate colors.

The morning was a bit chilly but it thankfully warmed up in the afternoon, allowing us to spend time outside.

I always try to get pictures with each of my kids individually. They change so fast and it's hard to remember everything. Pictures help.

We snacked on an Imperfect Produce delivery - dried mangos.

And we were surprised with a "May Day" bag of treats from our neighbors - completely sanitized and labeled as such.

We went on a "flower" hunt, sang songs...

...and danced in our "princess dresses."

We also had the long awaited tea party - but this time WITH THE BABIES!

We had pretzels and juice in "real princess tea cups," read books and lounged outside.


I would say a 100% succesful Girls Day.


With the lockdown still going full force, I know we'll be doing more at home girls' days in the future. Do you have any ideas of special things I can do with these princesses next time?

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