Published on 1 May 2020 at 13:43

Did you notice???!!!

No - not Orangutan - although she is pretty cute in her yellow dress with her yellow dandelions, huh?


Back to my news...

I cannot tell you how excited I am about it! I've spent FAR too long preparing it today - but any good thing takes time, right?


Let's start small....

Perhaps you noticed the title of my blog has changed?


Rather than the long somewhat awkward title I had (Islands Girl Navigating an Un-Island World), it has shortened to "Islands Girl Adventures." And, I added the sub title "Morobe Meri to Minnesotan Mommy."

Speaking of Minnesota, we had a beautiful afternoon today, which means as much time outside as possible - so we took our reading out!


So, why the title change? Like I mentioned, the title before was long and awkard to say. It got my idea across but not in an easy to remember way. 


I wrestled through what I wanted to change it to - Island Girl Voyages? Islands Girl Ventures? Island Girl's Voyages? Island Girl's Ventures? I've been thinking about it since picking up blogging again - what was the right catchy name that I wanted?


Just like when I came up with "Tradition's Kitchen," when I stumbled upon the right name, I immediately knew it was THE ONE. Islands Girl Adventures stuck and nothing came close to sounding "right" after that.


The tagline took a little longer. It started as "PNG Meri to USA Mommy." But - once again it didn't seem quite right. Too awkward, not catchy enough... I tried "PNG Meri to 'Merican Mama" but that seemed cheezy. Then I landed on Morobe Meri but was stuck on the second part.. "Merican Mom? Midwestern Mom? Then I realized, why not Minnesotan Mom? I'm not sure that we will always be in Minnesota, but for now, it works!


Morobe Meri to Minnesotan Mom! That was it!


For those of you wondering - Papua New Guinea has provinces in it instead of states like the US. 

I grew up in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea (yeah, that little blond pikinini holding the bok diwai - pig stick - is me.)

Meri means a girl/woman/female in Tok Pisin. So - Morobe girl to Minnesotan Mama! <3 There you have it - my story in 5 words.


But - that's not all my news!


Here's the BIG one!


I now have my own domain name! 


Take a look! It's no longer "" 


Welcome to:!!!!!!!!!


Whaaaaaa?! So so excited! :) 

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