A Morning in the life of a homeschooling homesteader

Published on 16 August 2022 at 14:20

Every wonder what night happen in a morning over here? Well wonder no more - here's a random morning in this homeschooling homesteaders life.


Between 4:30 and 5, my alarm goes off and I usually pretty happily get out of bed to get ready for my morning workout.  Right now I'm doing a beachbody video but it switches up based on my goals and mood.  

I've messed around with my workout times but ultimately I really love being up in the mornings and having a quiet house. 

Once dressed, I head downstairs to grab my sourdough out of the oven where it's proofing to do a quick kneading,  and then head to the basement to my lovely workout room.  

Right now my workouts are 20 minutes of intense work, and then I'm done. I REALLY like this right now so I can capitalize on my "no children yelling" quiet house. I LOVE it. 


Right now since I'm making farmhouse cheddar cheese,  I need to check on it every day, check for correct mold growth,  condensation etc. and flip it. 



5:30AM Cheese maintenance 



5:45 AM Angora bunny feeding



6 AM Sourdough shaping and oven heating



6:07 AM Nearly step on the dead mouse... hey now, I know we live on a farm but I want the mice outside not inside, and if they insist on living inside, I'm not ok with it.  Now for all of you out there who are mice activists,  I agree they are cute and cuddly,  but boundaries are a thing too,  and when boundaries are invaded,  consequences ensue... sorry Bud, hopefully you squawked to your buddies to get out of the house before the snap....



6:15 AM Morning Coffee


6:17 AM Add the cream (yes this deserves its own video,  thank you)



6:20 AM Jesus time ❤️ ok, lets be honest,  all the time is Jesus time, but this is where I get to soak in His Word and purposefully seek His face for my day.  I cherish this time each morning. 




6:40 AM Guinea hen maintenance



6:50 AM Sourdough Baking



7 AM Get kids breakfast going

Today it's oatmeal,  which is pretty normal.  We rotate between oatmeal,  eggs,  sourdough pancakes and bread and eggs,  sometimes just eggs.  





Normally my kids are down here by 7 at the latest but this morning they slept in! It gave me some extra time to enjoy my quiet house and watch the sunrise. 


7:20 AM Sorting school papers, bread maintenance 



7:40 Breakfast, morning chores... chaos... 

The kids are up and the day goes from peaceful and quiet to crazy and loud! I love it though,  but I also love the quiet in the morning - such a nice contrast. 



8ish... maybe? School Begins!

Pretty much once my kids are up time goes out the window until lunch AKA my kids express hunger (which usually is at 8, 9, 9:30, 9:45, 10, 11, 11:30 and 12, but lunch usually happens around 11:30/12. 


This year we are doing BJU Press, distance learning. So they are using tablets to watch videos that were pre-recorded for specific subjects.

Last year I was so overwhelmed and burnt out from teaching three kids how to read. I needed a little bit of extra help this year.  I don't know if we'll continue doing video classes in the future, but for this year it's been fabulous for the season I'm in. 

The boys sit and do their school at the dining room table and the girls do their school at the home school room table. I spend my time going back and forth between the kids helping them get their next lesson and worksheets setup, answering questions, giving extra help and so forth. 


Mornings are pretty much set aside for school. My requirement is that kids do at least two subjects before taking a break, and I generally let them decide how long their breaks are but if it gets to be too long I will call them back in to finish school. The other rule is that they need to finish their school before dinner and evening chores. That's usually not a problem unless they take an extra long break or we have an event going on that morning.  Those days occasionally Gymnast has one subject he needs to finish post chores/dinner, but usually it doesn't take long.  


And that really brings us to the end of the morning! 


There's always something going on though - baby rabbits, butter making, milking cows, picking up trash outside,  scooping poop, cleaning out the rabbit cages, feeding and watering animals... the list goes on and on.  


But I love it ❤️




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Vanessa N
10 months ago

Great updates!!

Islands Girl Adventures
10 months ago

Thanks so much for reading and commenting Vanessa!