My name is Joanna and I want to be your coach and help you in the kitchen! That’s why I created Tradition’s Kitchen - to support and help you reach your goals in the kitchen!

I live with my husband and four kids, all of whom are less than four years apart. It's busy, wild, and loads of fun - for the most part. There’s always those days where there’s too much screaming or I’m trying to make stuffed cream puffs or glazed whole wheat donuts but my kids want to eat everything NOOOOW (cue the screaming). Or I’m trying to make a gourmet meal but my kids “JUST WANT ANNIE’S MAC AND CHEESE, MOM!” 

I LOVE being in the kitchen and always have. I remember having a chat with my mom about whether I felt she loved me, and upon telling her no, I told her I'd feel more loved if I could make a meal for our family once a week.

I remember cooking out of my first Betty Crocker book in about 4th grade and later pouring through cookbook after cookbook looking for that perfect recipe I wanted to try. 

Growing up in Papua New Guinea without restaurants and grocery stores on every corner, I used to “open restaurants” for my parents so they could have a date night. I’d create a romantic room (at least it was romantic in my teenage mind) and an entire menu. Then I’d bribe my brothers to be waiters and have them take my guests’ orders, and I’d get to work making everything from scratch!

I also loved hosting themed nights where I’d invite my friends over and I’d create the meal - taco night, pizza night or fancy night where I’d make cute desserts. Once I made cream cheese strawberry cream puffs for my mom when she returned home from work, laid them nicely on some basil leaves and sprinkled them with powdered sugar and homemade chocolate sauce. I looked for every opportunity to be creative in the kitchen. 

As I grew in my knowledge of cooking I was drawn towards the more traditional techniques of preparing items like kombucha, canning, grinding my own flour and making yogurt. As I shared more through my blog and Facebook, I was asked lots of questions. People were shocked I could do it all with my busy life and young kids. I loved helping them realize they too could do these things with the right tools and coaching. I realized I love empowering others to be in the kitchen.

Out of that grew Tradition's Kitchen. 

I love listening to your dreams for where you want to be in the kitchen and helping those dreams become a reality! I’m so excited to get to know you more and help you reach your full potential in your kitchen and create traditions that will own your kitchen!


Let’s Get Cooking!

Joanna Olson (Island’s Girl)