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My name is Joanna,  but I go by Islands Girl on here. Why Islands Girl you ask? Well I grew up on a large island above Australia - in Papua New Guinea.  I was there from when I was just newly one until I graduated high school.  Living in PNG was wonderful,  I appreciate it far more now than I did then. 


I have quite a few posts where I talk about growing up on the Island - here is just one. Be sure to scroll through my past entries to see more, and subscribe to my emails here so you don't miss a new post about PNG!

I've realized over the years that growing up where I did made me into who I am.  I can't take that away from me any more than you can remove freckles or a dimple on your cheek.  It's a part of who you are.  

Over the years in my search for the great question "who am I," over learned that I need to often ask Thai through the eyes of that islands girl.  I see the world differently,  and that's OK.  Rather than try to snuff it out, I embrace it now. 

Yes,  I'm a mom,  a wife,  a folloer of Christ, a homesteader and hobby farm owner,  a honeschooler and much more,  but at my core, when it all bubbles down,  I'm still just an islands girl,  trying to navigate this un-island world I live in now called Wisconsin.  

My days are filled with raising our 4 kids,  running the house,  homeschooling the kids, making meals and running a small hobby farm.  We currently have chickens,  guinea hens,  meat and fiber rabbits,  honey bees,  fruit trees and a large garden.  

This has been my dream for much of my life,  and now that I'm living it I can hardly believe it! I'm so thankful every day that this is my reality! 

I'd love for you to follow along in my journey of mistakes and successes and in general just learning.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog,  and if you're interested in learning more about my side consulting business,  check out the page Tradition's Kitchen.  I'd love to help you succeed in your kitchen endeavors! 

So,  grab a seat and come along for the ride! I'm so excited to do life with you all!